Talking and Sharing

prettygirlintheworldBeautiful feelings are emanating from these conversations. We are creating a space that feels good and invited others to participate. We like that.

We had Danica and Shannon join us to share their story with us. They brought incredible experiences, know-how and energy. It was an amazing moment that lasted for half an hour. Women sharing for the benefit of other women, and really for all the people in the world that have an interest on living, thriving, growing. Our energy is feminine, and we like it that way, but not necessarily restricted to women. We feel that all and every one of us have room in our hearts and our souls for femininity, care, compassion, empathy and all the qualities that are feminine. We want to honor and empower women, but we want to share with all beings that finding the feminine side of their souls, the sensitive and nurturing woman that lives inside all of us. With no exclusions

Everybody is welcome and everybody is thought of and considered. After all, we want a better world through femininity, we don’t want to segregate and discriminate as women have been through centuries

Our guests shared their stories, both very deep and touching, and were incredibly generous; they shared their pain, but not needlessly, they also shared their solutions. Danica and Shannon gave us all hope and a huge example of bravery. They sent a message for all of us to hear: “If I can, you can too”.

Lots of different ideas, all of them great, came up in this show: it is amazing how much can be covered in ½ hour.

Catherine and I feel empowered by the people that listen and participate in our show, a show for all of us.

Thank you all for your time, your energy, your wisdom. I could not be more grateful

You can find Danica at and if you care to send her a tweet, her user name is @danicainspires. That is what she truly does, Inspire. Both her energy and her writing are worth the time to go look for her. Beautiful soul that lights up whatever and whomever she touches, great soul-sister of mine

To get in contact with Shannon go to where she supports awareness for cultural diversity and the struggles that come along being different in this world. Send her a tweet to get a connection with this magnificent woman, for deep human knowledge and compassion at @4HUMANITEEs

I feel honored to have met both of them, my life has been enriched by their acquaintance, I hope you get that opportunity also.

Next week we will be talking about abuse, and how to overcome the trauma caused by it. Our guest Jessica, is a great example to all of us, she has overcome and made the best of her tribulations. I hope you tune in an join us, we will be expecting you. This promises to be another wonderful show, full of lessons for all of us