The Best of Both Worlds

DSCN0096I really enjoy Janet’s calm, it is contagious; I could feel myself being taken by her words, and really enchanted by her voice. Brilliant woman, enough drive and concern to keep her practice alive and available to her clients, to keep on educating herself, documenting a research that is ever present; and all that covered with passion for human life and respect for nature, empathy and foresight.

You can say that Janet does a good job at healing, as she accomplishes what she intends to do; but her empathy and compassion take her healings a step further. Janet lives her work. She takes the extra step, digs deeper, finds and implements another discipline; whatever it takes to acquire a different perspective, a different angle, until a way to tackle the issue at hand is found. She digs deeper even when relief is found; she keeps on searching until cause arises.

The fact that Janet is a licensed counselor gives her a different angle, an understanding of the human psyche and its troubles from a clinical perspective that she integrates seamlessly with nature and source, spirit; she becomes a bridge between the material/empirical and spiritual worlds in more ways than one.

Janet strives on bringing together new techniques to old arts, experience and postulates. Brilliant ideas come from innovation and Janet is paving the way. She is in the cutting edge of Energy Healing, Energy psychology, a revolutionary way of looking at health from cell health and energy as the building blocks of all that constitute us. As above so bellow, we are only the sum of the health of our cells and what they store in them, nutrients or toxins, calm and well being or anxiety or fear.

Chakras and meridians are cleared, nutrition is balanced, all is forgiven; perfect balance of body mind and spirit energies.

Janet has a healing practice, both local and over the internet, as she does remote healing and skype consultation, but she also shares her knowledge and tips for a healthy happy living on her books, Pathways to Wholeness: Walking Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Bio-Energetic Healing and Spiritual Development and Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self-Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook, both great reads and very helpful.

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