Somebody is lurking in the woods

Here is a problem of which we all know about but nobody pays attention to. We hear in the news, very seldom I may add, about celebrities getting stalked. But we all think about this mostly as a joke, as parkers or overzealous fans wanting to have a taste of the celebrity, or may be a token of their personal effects so they can sale it in EBay. We are so misinformed as to think that in order for someone to want to stalk us we have to have visibility in the world, or maybe be beautiful or have a lot of money. But the truth is that many of us have had a taste of what stalking is; an angry email that can’t get solved, not matter how many times you answer it in conciliatory terms, an obnoxious ex-boyfriend calling your cell non-stop, prank hung-up calls, or the crazy caller that just doesn’t answer as you pickup the line, and seems to get his jollies on hearing you say “Hello”. Even a scarier thought of somebody driving by your home several times a day, or finding out where you work and showing up at the most inconvenient of times. Still with all this we disregard the issue. We refer to what happens to us in a joking manner, we don’t take it as seriously as it can be, we don’t think that it can happen to us. Is it ignorance in the matter or is it fear? If I don’t pay attention to it, it is not happening. We see a guy looking inside of our window and we think it is a peeping tom. We run them away and don’t think twice about it. Fortunately the majority of cases are just that, a sore ex-boyfriend, an upset co-worker, or even the wrong phone number or a teenager’s prank call.

The problem only begins when the incident persist. We may become a little queasy, nervous and start thinking of the last scary movie we saw, where the heroine was being followed by this stranger. We think about calling the police, but there lays another problem. What is the police to do if you call them to tell them that “somebody” is calling you? What are they going to respond when you tell them that a strange man drives around your home several times a day, or that you know that somebody is peeping through your windows? I think we all think the same thing. They are going to think I am crazy; they are going to tell me to get over myself. Where is the proof of all this? Do I have a name? I am going to feel like if I am the one perpetrating. Unfortunately that is partially the truth. Police don’t know how to deal with these issues, and in some instances they may make it a bigger problem with the attitude towards the victim, a little like the attitude towards the victims of rape. And it is a little bit like rape. We feel that somebody, we don’t know who, is watching us, has our information and knows details of our private life. It is an invasion of privacy; but beyond: when somebody breaks in to our house they come in looking for goods to sale, they steal and they go, they don’t care about us or what we do with our time. When someone gets stalked, the individual comes and harasses, and comes back again, and again…We don’t know what they want, who they are, or even when they are going to come back next. We feel they know our every move, we feel at their mercy as they take advantage of their anonymity.

Fortunately most cases resolve themselves, we don’t have to call the police or their intervention, but in some instances we find that the stalking continues. The stalker is a real danger, they may feel that they belong in the victim’s life that they want to be part of it, or the crazy idea of “if I don’t have them nobody else will”. They make the victim’s life miserable, and they may even decide to take their victims life if they don’t get what they pursue.

This is exactly what happened to Morgan. Just a normal girl from Colorado, happy, lively young woman, with projects and a lot of drive, hard working towards her future and the well being of others

Morgan was unfortunate enough to attract some soulless being’s attention, and after 4 months of stalking he ended up her life. Motives? Reasons? I think that there are none. But her family is left with a lot of questions, a lot of pain, and mostly with a big empty space

Morgan’s Mom, Toni will be joining us this Tuesday August 6th to share her story and to raise awareness on stalking and its consequences. Please join us to welcome her and to listen to her very powerful testimony at–morgans-stalking