She Dared, She Dared, She Succeeded

Once again we have had a wonderful show. We heard how to get on with your life when Fruitful in a tough worldthings work out less than perfect, and do a wonderful job at it

LaDonna Cook was truly inspirational. She is a single mother of two and a therapist. She put herself through school while working and acting as a full time mom. What a beautiful example of what one can do when one set their mind to do something great.

She is a woman full of life and dreams, she is positive and joyful, and a nurturing mother; but she shows a tremendous sense of self and willpower. LaDonna not only obtain three degrees and is working for a reputable institution, she is pursuing her dream. She started from the beginning, with self-determination, and  went to school for years while taking care of her two children, showing us all that it can be done.

She is a very positive woman, with a beautiful attitude. Nothing gets in her way when she decides to do something, she is just amazing. You can feel her power as she speaks, and although her voice is little her spirit is huge.

While listening to her I was thinking of all the women that are struggling right now, how her testimony can t help them get ahead on their life. If LaDonna can succeed, every other single mom should be able to, as she did it all by herself, with her will power as her only support and her spirituality as guidance.

We all go through times when we don’t know, when we don’t dare to do something so we don’t fail. LaDonna wasn’t even faced by the shadow of failure, she could not afford to do that She has children that need her, and a life that could not wait for her to get on with it. So she did, she got herself accomplished as a professional so she could take care of her obligations; and then, after the family needs where met, she set on to her writing dream. Today she has published a book and has one in the works, she is involved in her community and she is collaborating with other authors. She is a great poet, she puts her soul in everything she does. To me LaDonna is a winner; she is a woman from which we can all learn.

Please visit LaDonna at for a closer look at her work, and join her in twitter @LMB_poetry. She also has a very active Facebook account, you can find her at LaDonna Marie (Lmb Poetry) it is worth the visit.

Next week Danica and I will be chatting about body image. We all have one, and most of the time is been distorted by someone else’s opinion. Did you know that beauty concept is a cultural construct. We will talk more about it next Tuesday, please join us.