Channeling and Channelers

For thousands of years we have been submerged in physical, intellectual and emotional evolution. We came down DSCN0057smfrom the trees, walked on two feet, got opposing thumbs and invented fire. As time passed we gathered and hunted, formed tribes and villages, tamed animal, planted seeds, learned to enjoy painting and music and adored Gods. This was done over and over again, spiraling outwards and upwards, learning more, splitting the world around us, learning all there was to learn about nature the space and our bodies. Suddenly we realized that we got it all wrong and back to the drawing board, postulating new theories, learning more, looking at things from different angles.

It is getting to the point that so much manipulations, investigation, theorization and exploitation is taking a toll in the world and our spirits. We see in plain view what is going on with our lives and environment and we still don’t stop. The spiral is going too fast and we don’t know how to stop it. We are arrogant and fascinated with our own existence, forgetting that existence is conditioned by the spirit that we nurture, and the environment we live in.

All through the ages we were blessed with brilliant souls that came in to this world to give us light, to show us a better way and guide us towards better, or at least alternative ways to look at reality, to develop our souls and interact with our environment. David showed is wisdom, and Buddha was patient. Jesus brought us the meaning of love and Mohamed the revolutionary sense of survival. We were enlightened by Michael Angelo’s vision, and surprised by Leonardo’s intellect. Gandhi taught us to fight without violence, and all of them indeed come to this world with the purpose to guide us away from our concerns and old fashion ways. They all came with the mission to make a better world through the evolution of the spirit.

We are living interesting times to say the least. Human race is evolving, as all the beings and stars in the Universe do, but this time around is beyond our comprehension. Prophets are not prosecuted and executed any longer; more people are seeing the light. We are experiencing a movement of energies, and many of us are going along with it

We are seeing crystal children being born with the memories of past lives, indigos with incredible gifts and even adults, which have already gone through most of their time allowed in this world, are finding hidden or suppressed gifts that allow them to have a clearer perspective, a connection with other worlds and other beings.

Mediums, channels, psychics, curanderas, magus, and other gifted peoples of the earth are spreading and coming out of the woodwork. We are finding that gifts are abundant in our society and people are becoming wiser and bolder, showing and even flaunting their capabilities, to guide and inspire the neighbor, to heal the world.

We are experiencing an undercurrent that is uniting us all. We are finding more people searching for answers and many of them finding them. Partly due to the rampant sister/brotherhood reigning in the world right now.

Of course, there are still skeptics, and as percentages go, we can even tell that they are still the majority, but the number of visionaries are growing, Those not in the move are curious about the movement. It seems that what was started thousands of years ago by generous fellow humans that gave up their reputation and even their lives, is paying of now. A pay of that we can all benefit from. People want to love more and laugh together. We are getting a sense of community that goes beyond the village. We are becoming a worldwide village

Out of all of today’s gifted and developing souls, channels somehow have a prime spot in our minds. Channels are able to relax their minds to the point that they can receive the wisdom and love that surges from the collective energy of those that are alive and that were alive at any point in history, as well as from the Universe and the stars and from discarnate beings that are here to guide us.

To help us understand better what channels are and what they do I have invite Janet Nestor to the Show. Janet is a healer and coach and has worked for many years as a counselor. Janet is an experienced Medium and Channel and will have a lot to tell us regarding this way of perception.

Please join us Tuesday August 19th at 8 PM PST


Divine Feminine and The New Age of Things

Divinely Feminine

Divinely Feminine

A few weeks ago we talked about what it meant to be feminine in our society today.  We talked about the issues that women have been facing nowadays, with the sexual revolution, woman joining the work force and competing with men. Women have come a long way, being taken into consideration and achieving great heights professionally and socially, but we think that there is a lot more to the topic.  This Tuesday, we will go deeper in to the concept of femininity, we will explore the sacred feminine in ourselves, the concept of Divine Feminine.

For centuries our society has been patriarchal, masculine, coming from a place of strength, having a sense of value for one’s life and integrity, taking control of ones life. As a society we have been placing energy on getting things done, on making things and that brought a lot of advancement to humans, including the industrial revolution and technology. We have things, and we accumulate more, self and ego are more and more valued and that brings more value in to human life, we live in a linear and logical society, with goals and objectives. Our life has been dominated by patriarchs, from fathers, husbands to male bosses, masculine philosophies and healing, we have been directed to a certain way of life which so far has worked, or we think is has because is all we have known.

In the beginning of the 20th century things started to change. Women began to request, and actually got, more independence, more participation in society, but still in a very masculine way, we were competing with men, and doing things the their way. We thought that we had to become masculine in order to succeed, to do something, to be someone in this world.

These tendencies and attitudes have brought a lot of confusion to women, it is hard to be feminine and succeed; we have many challenges and a lot to learn, both as a society and as individuals.  We may feel incomplete or overwhelmed; we may find ourselves asking questions that don’t have answers, searching for answers that we can’t find. As a society we are in a quest. What was important may not be so any more, what we strive for and achieve may leaves empty and frustrated.

A little at the time other influences, mostly from the Far East, have been reaching us. We all have heard of gurus and light workers, we have heard about the world changing, and we may grasp some of its meaning, but for the most part we are clueless about what all that means and how it affect us. Part of the influence we hear about is that there is a New Awakening, and that the world is changing.  But, in what way? How does that affect us as women, and in our relationship to men? What is all this influence from the East?

In many ways all this revolution and change is bringing the feminine side out to light. Many more women, and even some men are realizing that we are a whole. That society and people don’t have to be either masculine or feminine. We are all both. We have a duality in ourselves that makes us whole. All this is getting transferred to our society, and that is the why of many of this concepts. We are realizing that we need to stop doing so much and caring about the quality of what we do, caring more for others, letting them be. We are getting a new influx of ethical values as opposed of ego/personal values. We are getting balanced, as all these new values and intrinsically feminine, not necessarily only from women. We are getting to the conclusion that if both men and women work together as a whole and for a common purpose we will have a better chance.

To help us understand some of these concepts and many more, including the Divine Feminine and the Holly Mother, we have invited Alx Uttermann to our show. Alx spent many years in India receiving training as a Soul Healer and meditation. She is a very interesting woman and very educated on her field. Her training is a very strong one, the trainers make sure that they are stronger, more grounded and centered by the time you are ready to go back in to the world. We will be discussing spirituality and femininity, don’t worry, this will not be a religious blogtalk. I believe that we can all benefit from other perspectives and opinions, so if you are looking for answers, and like to get another perspective, this will be a good place to start, maybe you find a way to make all this work for you. Who knows, Alx may even pique your interest on meditation.

Please join us next Tuesday, August 13th at 8:00 PM PST to talk about femininity and the self It will be a joyous celebration of womanhood