Psychic Bystander

IMG_20121118_101605Louisa has the speech of a writer, fluent, concise, organized; she has a lot to say and her conversation is both interesting and informative. She has a particular way of looking at phenomena, probably the angle of an interested bystander, a Psychic Bystander.

It strikes me fabulous that Louisa went from being a skeptic to fully believe in psychic phenomena; somehow her position brings validity and credibility to her husbands experience and that of the rest of his family. Louisa is an intelligent woman that has worked many years as a professional writer and for the topic of her first novel she chose her husbands experience with spirits as it has become a passion for her. Document events and interview family member and pretty soon she had a book.

Louisa is fascinated by the psychic phenomena, but what is even more interesting is that Louisa is bringing benefit to other human beings, as her findings and related stories bring light over life after death and what happens to our loved ones when they pass. She talks about contact with the loved ones in her family, how family members that passed on keep contact, coming back for big events or just to say hi. The thing is that if this particular family can see their relatives and hear them, it must be because they are there, and even if the rest of us don’t see people in other dimensions, we can all draw comfort from the knowledge that they are still around us, wishing us well, watching over us, caring.

And all this hard work and care paid off; a woman that read the book Memoirs of a Psychic Bystander, contacted Louisa to let her know that after loosing her child that book was a great comfort to her…Great accomplishment Louisa; delightful feeling of knowing that you have helped another human being, that you have been able to shed some light for somebody to see their path with more clarity, to relieve some of their pain, and bring some hope to a hurting human being. Priceless!

If you want to learn more about Louisa or to buy her book please contact her at in twitter @psychicbystandr or in her webpage and blog very interesting read

Will love to bring Louisa back for the presentation of her next book Loitering at the Gate of Eternity. Promising read


Good Parents No Matter what

What an amazing show! It was emotional and intense; we were all in tears with Tasha’s story. She is a greatgrilgraffiti example of courage and will, dealing with her everyday life as well as she can, normalizing her children’s life to the best of her ability; drawing courage from her pain, and valor from her tears. She told us the children’s story, how they are affected by the events, and how it is harder for them as they are totally aware that this is an injustice; at least Kayla. Braylon just knows that he misses his dad, that it is not right that he doesn’t get to go home with them at night, courageous little man, in his innocence he was willing to smuggle his father out of prison under the blanket that he brought specially for that.

The pain has to be wearing, daunting, but the love prevails. This woman was able to convey her hope and her caring, the deep rooted believe that God will allow and help them get together again; because she feels that it is right, because she feels that they are right; they are good people, working for the future of their children, under the benevolent sight of God and with the support of their church.

Tasha told us about Kayla’s health, issues that appear due to the stress of her father’s imprisonment, and her support group. How the teachers and some of her classmates are helping make this more bearable, how the institution is being supporting as well. Within their sorrow they are blessed. The community is behind them, giving them courage; that tells me right there they are speaking the truth. They are not having anyone around them making them feel that this is due punishment, that their Demetrius should be in prison. The whole community is appalled and praying for his release, supporting the family, offering relief.

Life is going on for Tasha, and although she misses her husband she keeps going on. The children miss their father also; she does her best to fill the emptiness that he has left behind. She normalizes their children’s life by taking them places, by minimizing the difference on their life style. But it is hard; he is not there, he can’t go home at night. The whole family is dependent on Demetrius, they love him, they cherish and respect him, and Tasha has found ways to make him a part of the children’s life. Even though he is not at home physically, he is there in spirit and care, he is participant of this Kayla and Braylon’s life, making decisions on their future, counseling them and keeping the team that he started with Tasha the day they got married.

They all go see Demetrius, but life is not the same; there is little spontaneity when your time with your dad is supervised, when you only get to see him once a week. But they make the best out of it, and grandpa takes the kids of Friday, so they can have special time with their dad. They are a team, they support each other, and they are all an example of what we should all do when disgrace strike, how we should treat one another when life is not looking up, but looking down at our sad shadow.

Life has changed a lot for this family, they are all feeling the loss and the pain, but they have hope and they have faith. They are teaching us a lesson in courage, and I truly believe that they will get their life back, that they will be reunited and happy. They work real hard to make it happen, they have a just cause; it is only right, it is only fair.

Once again I would like to share the video done by the children, I believe that their words illustrate better than anything else what is going on here. How much people are hurting due to an injustice, how these children are facing unbearable pain due to a mistake.  Through their words we see that they are well guided and taught that love prevails, we see the effort that they all make to forget and forgive, to believe that this nightmare will end one day.

I am hoping that you will take a few minutes and watch it, it is a true testimony of courage and hope, showing young souls at their best, beautiful children brought to sorrow by a system that should be teaching them justice.

Next week we will welcome Tesia Barnes, talking to us in depth about what is happening to their families, how their lives have been affected and how they live the change