A Better Understanding

Tesia was a great guest, calm, collected, sure of herself and to the point. She has a lot to say about what is going on in her life, with her husband and with the other men in the case.0924130749

In many ways Tesia has given us a better understanding of what went on regarding the IRP6 case. We had talked to the other ladies regarding their specific problems, with their husbands, their family life, and children, and how life had changed so much from their perspective. Tesia had the opportunity and willingness to share with us the whole story, from the beginning. What went on and how they lived through it at the time. She gave us an account of the facts and how they were being unveiled, the uncertainty and incredulity all mixed together, right in front of their eyes; how they could not believe what was being revealed, how their lives were being implicated in a situation that they didn’t comprehend, as it was not of their doing.

She talked about getting right in to the issues, getting documented and educated to be able to best help her husband and the other men. How the process took a long time to evolve, and how, in the last minute, right at sentencing, it finally downed on to her. He was going to be put away; her husband was really going to go to prison. A man that she believed in, and had decided to spend the rest of her life with, was going to go away for quite some time.

You could hear the impotence in her voice, but also the hope. She knows that he is innocent, and she is dedicating all her spare time to support him, along with other families and the blessing of her church.

She talked long and clear, never backing out on her word. Once an Air Force supporter and graduate, she talked openly about feeling let down, not trusting the institutions. Those institutions that were her inspiration and her life for such a long time, now stand shady, in the doubtful side of life, in the not so trusting part of her spirit.

She is courageous, and she stands for her believes, for her values and her love. She is a trusting woman that will never trust again in the American dream. Her life was shattered and she is out there, in the world, denouncing the perpetrators, the very same administration that took her life, her dream, her husband away. Injustice has changed her views but not her values. Tesia still stands for honesty and valor, for love and faith, and in her own words, those values are keeping her sanity and her hope alive.

Next week we will have the last show of our IRP6 series. Yolanda Walker will join us to talk to us about her son Kyle, and how the absence of his father and the stress surrounding his life at this time, has made his health brittle, to the point of being life threatening at times. We are anticipating a great show once again.

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And What About The Children

We talk about the women left behind, but what about the children? How do they cope with loss and Untitledabandonment, the loneliness, the lost years? No one should have to deal with this kind of injustice, but least of all the younger ones.

The women have had a set back, they made a commitment for life, and society has cut their hopes short. They have been let down and thrown in to the void of loneliness. But we as adults can rationalize, we can think that things will get better and work towards it. I am not saying that it is easy, it is still very hard, but an adult has more tools to deal with pain and suffering, with injustice. Children are supposed to be promoted and supported; not be hurt by the system, but educated and edified. In some instances, it is the parents that abandon and abuse the children, that is awful, totally regrettable; and then the system is supposed to come in and intervene, taking them away from a toxic family environment and protecting them. We all know that that is not the best case scenario, we know that the system is not all that is cracked up to be, but that is the morals behind child services, protection of children; with all it shortcomings, after all, a way of keeping the little ones from further damage.

This is beyond what we have ever learned about our society’s shortcomings. Here we have hard working, loving, law abiding men, starting and supporting happy families; we have wives and children that are happy together, building a future for themselves, and then disgrace strikes. And no to the fault of the men, or even the family; all this is to be blamed in to injustice reining in our culture, in the heart of American families, and it is carrying on way too long.

It has been over a year since these children have their fathers at home, since they miss their love and guidance, their company and support. It has been over a year since this men have had a chance to reassure their children, walk them through troubles, as they are looking in to troubles right on the face.

These children are being robed of their innocence, their trust in society and human kind; what future are we building for them, for society for that matter? They are the pillars of tomorrow, why should we make them feel like there is no hope, no justice in the world? But these children are rightly guided and shown that love will conquer all. They are taught right from wrong and reassured by their fathers and mothers that only working hard and being righteous will win the day. And even though they still struggle to do the right thing, to forgive and forget; you can see that they are guided by their support circle and family towards patience and love, towards a just system and a just outcome. They just want to have their father at home, to be their model for life, to be their guiding light

I am sharing with you the testimony of these children as they are portrayed in an interview at their church. https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=M9AVrCSQK3I

They are of different ages, all of them with their own idiosyncrasies, their own issues regarding their loss. They are candid and kind; you see the pain on their eyes and the fortitude on their smiles. They are talking about loss but they are still hopeful and strong. They want more than anything in the world to have their fathers back, they believe on their innocence, they know them to be good men, good fathers, and the world to them. What can you tell a child when their father goes away, furthermore, what can you tell them when the same institutions that are supposed to protect them are the ones taking their fathers, hurting them, abandoning them, shortchanging them and abusing their trust and childhood innocence.

To illustrate this point, and help us understand the problems surrounding the children and to give us testimony of what is means to reassure your children when you yourself are loosing faith in society, we have invited Tasha Harper, Demetrius Harper’s wife and mother of 16 years old Kayla and 8 years old Braylon, each of them with the issues typical of their age group and aggravated by their father’s absence.

Please join us to welcome our guest and her powerful testimony, this Tuesday September 17th at 8PM PST. We love your company and support


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