Healers of the New Age

As today’s society is changing so is the way we see our lives, our expectations and needs. We have janetnestorcome a long way as humans, no that we have evolved greatly since the time of the first Homo sapiens was identified, or have we? Homo sapiens reached anatomical modernity 200,000 years ago, erect posture, opposable thumb, complex brains and societies, and we reached social modernity at about 50,000 years ago. Since then we have gone through many trail and error times, testing and implementing, failing and succeeding, or what they system thinks that is succeeding. Times of change may not be the best for the individual, but it is good for the survival of the species.

We, as a race and as a society keep on evolving at a real fast pace, adapting to the changes in the world, most of which we, ourselves create.

At some points in history revolutions have brought advancement and progress, but in most cases something had to be sacrificed. In nature, and in our sheltered society as well, in order for something new to arise, something else has to be destroyed. And by that principle we run our society. Instead of evolving through the principle of keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t, we have been living in a cycle of being right and building and being wrong and destroying. As a society we have been Nature centered, and although men could not understand the world around them, they cherished and used respectfully for their advancement, learning the ways of nature, adapting to it and growing with it. Later on, and mostly in the Western society,  the world and culture became Theo centered, times in which humans “forgot” all knowledge regarding nature and healing, giving all the power of free will up, trusting in god and only god to run their lives, with nothing that humans could do to change their destiny other than to adore god. This times were followed by the industrial revolutions, a time in which science took over, bringing us an understanding of the physical world as we see it, as we touch it, but not as how we feel it. God started to have a secondary place in human life. Science gave humans a sense of security, as the understanding of how and why things work started to surface. Eventually science and mechanical inventions made human life more comfortable, easier to negotiate.  But is doesn’t stop there. We are now getting to the stage in which we can merge Natural/inspired knowledge with industrial advancement and technological information sharing. We can put it all to work with us. It seems to be a perfect time to integrate all of them and make best use of the resources

We have healers that find their information and training through Internet sites and attend webbased, training programs; they heal with herbs and energy, consulting with their clients in a Skype virtual meeting. Healing has never known frontiers; it can travel with energy and love to the person next to you as well as to a person living in the other side of the planet or a forming star in the edge of the Universe.  With this New Technology people in need and healers can get in touch more readily, still using the ethers to be the healing medium.

This technology has also allowed for healers to adopt and combine different therapies and disciplines, making their practices more varied being able to access a wider range of public needs. Having access to other cultures, other peoples has always been enriching. Right now we have that access deep, ancient knowledge, as the world grows smaller and smaller with each keystroke.

This past week I had the chance to experience just that, a social network connection turned in to a healing. I was feeling miserable, and in fact, I had been in bed for a whole day, and I knew it could be a few more days before I was back on my feet. I got in contact with a fantastic woman that I met in twitter, thanks to the new technology and social developments, Janet Nestor, an incredible energy healer as well as a professional counselor and a very compassionate woman. She offered help and I accepted. I felt relieved within a few hours of our conversation, out of bed and completely refreshed the next morning. What is even more, Janet was able to point out the emotional cause of my illness, which is directly related to my path of growth right now.

Janet is a perfect example of the modern healer. She is educated and conscientious, trained and proficient in several healing techniques and uses the Internet to do some of her work and outreaching.

Because I found her to be a gifted healer as well as a very modern an adapted professional I invited Janet to give us further understanding of her art and the many ways that she uses her gift to help and guide others towards health and balance.

Please join us this Tuesday March 11 at 8PM PST (11PM EST) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/03/12/a-clean-approach-to-a-toxic-world


Communication- A Better Future for our children

The time in the world that we are living, with all the changes and advancement in technology and nubesgrismass communication, is becoming more confusing by the day; we are learning about other cultures and ways of life through social network, making acquaintances and even friendships; learning about other people’s way of life first hand, by direct conversation; if not personal one on one, through the World Wide Web.

Through the centuries communication has changed in the medium that is used, and even in culture appreciation of topics or even sensitivities; but what we say and how we say it keeps on being the same. We are still humans finding a way to make ourselves understood while working on understanding this world. But do we really know how to communicate? Are we aware of how transparent we are sometimes? The way we say things, the facial expressions that we use when proposing topics and answering may say more about our selves and our opinions than the actual words that we use.

All these issues became of great importance when communicating within the family. Family is where we get our values and ethics, where we get the rudiments of how to behave in society, and what to expect from others in regards to our behavior. Families provide with a sense of belonging, safety and information; this is where the most important and earliest lessons in life are learned; this is where we forge alliances and set principles.

As we grow up the responsibility of creating a haven for the children is in our hands, giving the best of our hearts, our wisest advice, our most caring hugs.  But are we really giving them a fair view of the world? Or are we too busy to sit down with our children to give them the advice and the education they need?

Talking about sex may be one of the most challenging topics a parent will have to face. For centuries sexuality has been a difficult subject in our culture, with struggle ranging from shame and embarrassment to manipulation and prosecution; we have inherited emotional barriers towards sex and intimacy that unfortunately we pass on to our children as fear, shame and inadequacy, bringing to the sense that sex is bad and that we should stay away from it. This particular message can bring about emotional trouble to the growing adolescent. Parents may find themselves with not enough time, too many taboos, not enough information and a myriad of other reasons why not to confront certain subjects. It is important for parents to know that teenage pregnancy, promiscuity, trouble establishing safe and lasting relationships, infidelity and many other difficult sexual behaviors may have their origin in misconceptions and misinformation during the formative years.

How we communicate with others has a lot to do with how we say things, how we feel about it. The tone of voice that we use, our body language even the intention that we place in what we are saying transmits a lot more information than we may be aware of. There are all sorts of studies bringing light to our everyday communication and how we perceive the world.

Beyond what we say and how we behave consciously we transmit what we think regarding a subject, how we feel about it and our judgment of right or wrong regarding this matter. We will also transmit shame, insecurities and fear; we share out most intimate thoughts though reactions and behavior that we are seldom aware of in our lives, affecting our intimate and familiar relationships at a deep level.

But how do we go about communicating what we believe in instead of what we are afraid of?

Educating a child is not an easy task, and it requires time and work. Most parents are more than happy to give their children the best they have and all they need is a little direction, some encouragement at knowing that they are not the only ones that feel that way, and that there is help out there.

To help us grasp deeper in to parent child communication I have invited Kalyani Perry. Kalyani will help us understand how we can best talk to our children. Kalyani is an expert in family communications, with more than 20 years experience meeting with families and teaching in sex education workshops. She has successfully helped parents fine tune their skills to allow for a more fluent and sincere communication with the family about the joys of life and being human, the respect and freedom that is given to us just by being alive and the relationship between having options and respecting oneself.

Please join us this Tuesday February 11 at 8 PM PST for a talk about communicating and the family http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/02/12/communication-a-better-future-for-our-children

Healing with Alice McCall

Very informative, really entertaining, deeply healing; that s what this past Tuesday’s show was. It DSCN0624- went from realization to deeper understanding, passing through, heightened awareness and deep direction all through the program.

Alice brought us a new understanding of health and well being, not just looking inside, spiritually, but to the point where our body meets our soul, the cellular level, cellular memory and dynamics.

Alice talked about how we keep negative thoughts, experiences, beliefs and memories in our cells at an energetic/biological level, how cells can keep toxins and unhealthy believes alike, one being the precursor of the other, how our bodies, being energy, get affected by the energy of trauma. Events that we could consider done and over with may resurface days, months and even years later; Alice proposes that these issues may even be originated in the womb or in past lives and get to affect us right here, right now.

We heard Alice, and her testimony is incredible, really hopeful and enlightened. But is it also too good to be true? How is it that getting rid of traumas and even fears can make us happier, healthier? Visit Alice’s page and you will see how many testimonials she has collected, people ravish and rage regarding her care and their results http://healingpath.info/testimonials.htm If that is what people have to say about their experience, it certainly sounds like an option to me.

On top of personal testimony ad experience, we can look at it from a more scientific angle; more and more scientist are talking about matter really being energy, our world being just a perception of energy that vibrates on our same frequency, how at a quantum level we are just a group of particles acting in regards to the energy vibrating within us and around us, including other people, animals, the trees and even starts and the entire Universe.

There are a lot of questions and it looks like we are getting more answers, through faith and thought spirituality, but through science as well; we are finding how holistic believes and scientific data is getting closer by the minute, the actual facts and results speaking for themselves.

I loved the fact that Alice gave us some tools to use in order to start out healing. A grievance journal to record and forgive all grievances in our lives, letting go of pain, of rancor and fear, bringing in love and hope, joy! Alice has done even more than that,  she has written a book in which she gives us more tools, more clues and in many instances,  just hope hope. http://Wellnesswisdomhealing.com



Deeper Healing

We are in the times of the alternative option, alternative medicine, alternative life style. We are alice mccallchanging the way we live by changing the way we think, eat, clean or even the way we relate to others and our selves.

We live in a time in which we are starting to look at things differently. We don’t have to take anybody’s word as the truth or only alternative. We don’t have to take opinions as truths, as we can look for different options such as second opinions, additional information and even alternative ways of doing things. We live in the times of information, but we are also living through a very interesting enlightened times, in which we are starting to understand that pills and plastic don’t solve everything if anything, and that it is ok to go against Western medical tradition.

We are learning that what we say to others we say to ourselves, that chastising our actions only bring more grief…we are learning that our bodies and health are influenced by our thoughts, we even just found out that words and sounds can change gene expressions. We are learning a lot, and we are becoming more whole.

Somehow science is starting to catch up with the healing arts. Through science we are starting to understand customs and uses of our ancestors, of other cultures, that so far we have deemed as uncivilized, ignorant, incapable of scientific though, thus incapable of true knowledge. We are learning and letting the knowledge sip through our skins and change our lives. I am not saying that all of us are awakening at the same speed, or that most of us understand the implications of such statements as “We are All One”, “We are All Star Dust”, just pointing out that there is more awareness, more curiosity and much, much more information available to quench our thirst for knowledge, for options, for alternatives.

A very interesting wholistic approach to health is cellular level healing. The idea is that our cells are repository of nutrients and DNA but also our emotions and memories. When there is damage to any of the bodies that compose our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, the memory and trauma is stored in the cells of our body disarranging the natural harmony and energy of the body. All these bring emotional and physical illness as well as mental and spiritual. A very interesting healing concept that is gaining momentum through the practices of certain gifted healers.

To talk about healing and alternative medicine, and in particular to talk to us more about cellular level healing I have invited Alice McCall, a healer for many years who started her journey by healing herself in 2001 and getting inspired thereafter to share her knowledge and gift.

Please join us Tuesday February 4th at 8 PM PST for a very interesting talk about a different, even revolutionary, way of healing


Mare Cromwell

Mare, a world of knowledge, a well of soul; she brought us her light, she is very determined to marecromshare, Mother told her to do it.

Mare speaks as she writes, with the determination and self-assurance of those that have a mission, that know their path; she can talk for hours about the Mother and her lessons, and about her very personal relationship with Her, with nature, healing, ancient knowledge…just knowledge, inherited by all men an women, acknowledged by few. She has been closed to the earth most of her life, to Nature, to plants. Being a sacred gardener, a shaman apprentice and a plant whisperer, Mare has been granted a different angle, a different perspective by understanding, by closeness and sense of kin. She learned to heal by healing herself, by listening to herself and to her body. Mare listened to her body to discover that something was leading her in the right direction, the path of healing. She healed her body healing her spirit, getting united with Nature, with Mother Earth…Listening to the wise words of a shaman and the sure inspiration of her yearning spirit; learning to trust Nature, her Nature and her connection to sacred Mother, the connection that we all have with Mother Earth.

She is an author and a messenger, or is it the other way around? Mare talks about her being instructed to write, when to do it and how. Mother is loving but demanding, taking Mare for a ride of the senses, an awareness of source, guiding her closely on her journey. Giving mother, attending daughter, Mare tells us we are all of that quality; we can all listen and contribute. It is in all of us to reach out spirituality through our feminine energy, our birthright to be women and to be strong, in our own right, by our own power.

You can learn more about Mare and her work at  www.marecromwell.com

If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America http://www.tocallgod.net

Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother http://messagesfrommother.org

Healing without Medicine, Spirituality without Church

For the past few centuries Western society has been following a pattern that has brought us to a marevery materialistic world, in which we expect to achieve goals immediately, whether it is to get thinner, healthier, comfortable or mentally balanced. We are in the times of massive consumerism where everything is a business, including our health, where everything can be fixed with machines and pills, our food enhanced with chemicals and our bodies fixed with the knife and scalpel.

But is that really healthy, are the long-term consequences to have a quick fix worth the side effects on our environment and us?

Our air is polluted, not to talk about the water. Our foods are extensively processed and laced with substances to enhance flavor and shelf-life, we are a medicated society, getting pills for every thought of malady, plus the side effects of those pills. Along all these, and maybe as a consequence of it all, some folks are returning to the earth, Mother Earth, to the beginnings, to the old wives remedies and ancient cultures; the remedies of the Earth, natural ways of restoring the body and mind, living a clean, non polluted life. Some are coming up and standing as spiritual leaders, claiming to have been enlightened, some others report having discovered a healthy way of life, making a living and a life out of helping others become healthy, from the inside out.

We are seeing a strong current of people that refuse medication and search for modified diets and medicinal herbs, Mother Nature recipes to keep mankind healthy and happy, a change of values and goals is usually included in this cocktail. Some of the claim to have healed themselves and others, but main stream science and doctors call them quack and in many cases the law prosecutes this individuals, claiming that they are a danger for public health and stability, placing people in harms way by giving them hope of healing without Western Medicine.

And you think that the movement would wind down with so much opposition from authority, and I am sure that some folks somehow feel deterred by doctors and medical professionals opinion, but the truth is that we are finding more healers, more naturopaths, herbologists and lightworkers, among many other types of healers every time we look around. Why is that? Is it that they really have tapped in to something that the rest of us don’t really have had the opportunity to experience? Many of the claim that they had experiences with Western Medicine in which they felt let down by the doctors and procedures, so they decided to try a different approach, and voila, they got cured and now they feel compelled to share their experience through private practice, counseling, books and seminars. Are they really and alternative? Are they an option as a way to stay healthy holistically, from the inside out? or is it even just an option for people that can’t find answers in a more conservative approach to their health? Are they really effective? Is it safe to trust your health to people that don’t have medical training acquired in a University from practicing doctors, but healing art training directed by a Shaman or another healer. Are inspiration and experience means to acquire the knowledge needed to heal someone?

Many of these aforementioned healers have been in medical paradigms themselves, in which they claim to have healed themselves and learned what the deeper meaning of disease is, bringing up a different way, or ways, to approach particular maladies or even health in general. Are those that have been wounded ready to heal, and actually effective at it because they are wounded themselves, wanting to heal through the healing of others?

There are many questions regarding this new age trend and to start answering some of our questions I have invited Mare Cromwell. Mare is an award-winning author that has written two books on spirituality, has trained numerous years with a Native American Shaman and has cured herself from cancer. I know that we will have a very interesting conversation, finding answers to many of our questions and opening up a new array of possibilities in healing and self-acknowledgment, that while may not be for everyone, may be helpful to some of us to clarify concepts and options. Knowledge is power.

Please help me welcome Mare this Tuesday January 28 at 8 PM PST for a fabulous conversation about Mother Earth, healing and alternative views of life; I hope to see you there.



Author Shondreka Palmer

Shondreka brought a light as she is so open hearted and positive; life is what you make of it they shondrekasaid, and Shondreka took them literally. She is making a life for her and her son. She is waking up every morning determined to make it better, the best it can be, for her and her son. No comparisons were necessary, but they happen. She was doing the best she could, read all the books she could get a hold of; asked around talked to her friends, and made up her own mind. Who else would know what is best for her family? Well, as we say, children don’t come with instruction manuals, and many of our instincts as mothers have been dulled out by society and modern life; and Shondreka new that, but she also knows that there is not better drive than love, no better motivator than motherhood and difficult to surpass discernment from education and common sense. So much so that Shondreka wrote a book regarding her experience and offering advise. She wrote this book as inspiration from people that would approach her to congratulate her for her relationship with her son, or to ask how to behave in that certain way they saw her carry on with him.

Shondreka is a box full of surprises, pretty, young woman, very sweet looking, example of dedication; she is a tough cookie that knows how to show her heart. She is able to communicate to her son that no matter what she loves him, that he is always is a good child, but sometimes he doesn’t behave appropriately. Incredible revelation for parents and children of all generations; she knows herself, she knows her child, she understands the essence of life.

If you care to listen to the show again http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/01/15/what-does-it-take-to-be-a-mother

And if you care to check Shondreka’s book http://www.amazon.com/DP/B00DGETX3M

Shondreka is in the process of writing another book about her experience as a mother and how to take care of oneself to be the best mother one can be. Needless to say, I will invite her again to present her book. Keep tuned as the release should be coming soon.