Janet Nestor

Janet was a delight, I always have a fabulous time talking to her. She is clear and concise, and has a great sense of janetnestorhumor.

Janet shared with us deep experiences, brought us back to her world and let us know how easy it is to have hope, to see beyond the everyday realities and sorrows. She shared some intense experiences that can bring light and hope to many of us. She saw her uncle looking for his family after passing, and she has had contact with beings of other worlds for years. She is bringing light in to what many of us may have considered darkness; she is full of energy and love.

Janet was able to convey in plain English what it is that mediumshiip and channeling is for her, making it clear and easy. Letting us know that it is not an exclusive gift, but a human gift that may need to be cultivated in the garden of the soul, achievable to anyone that has the inclination, discipline and desire to do so. Of course, some are born with a more defined gift, but all of us, as per Janet’s words, can see the light and feel the love. We can all get in touch with our higher self and see what awaits us.

I am fascinated by the idea of a channeled book, the Book of Joshua. Once the book publishes, Janet will be sharing with us intimate experiences with higher beings, and the messages that they have for us. I can’t wait till it goes out in to the book selves

Over all, I think it was a fantastic interview, I will have her in the show again. I you missed on Tuesday, it is always easy to catch up, just follow the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/08/20/channeling-and-channelers

To reach Janet, for information on her upcoming book or just to chat and ask her opinion you may go to Twitter https://twitter.com/JanetNestor

Face Book https://www.facebook.com/janet.nestor?fref=ts

Or visit her page at http://mindfulpathways.com/

She will love hearing from you


Channeling and Channelers

For thousands of years we have been submerged in physical, intellectual and emotional evolution. We came down DSCN0057smfrom the trees, walked on two feet, got opposing thumbs and invented fire. As time passed we gathered and hunted, formed tribes and villages, tamed animal, planted seeds, learned to enjoy painting and music and adored Gods. This was done over and over again, spiraling outwards and upwards, learning more, splitting the world around us, learning all there was to learn about nature the space and our bodies. Suddenly we realized that we got it all wrong and back to the drawing board, postulating new theories, learning more, looking at things from different angles.

It is getting to the point that so much manipulations, investigation, theorization and exploitation is taking a toll in the world and our spirits. We see in plain view what is going on with our lives and environment and we still don’t stop. The spiral is going too fast and we don’t know how to stop it. We are arrogant and fascinated with our own existence, forgetting that existence is conditioned by the spirit that we nurture, and the environment we live in.

All through the ages we were blessed with brilliant souls that came in to this world to give us light, to show us a better way and guide us towards better, or at least alternative ways to look at reality, to develop our souls and interact with our environment. David showed is wisdom, and Buddha was patient. Jesus brought us the meaning of love and Mohamed the revolutionary sense of survival. We were enlightened by Michael Angelo’s vision, and surprised by Leonardo’s intellect. Gandhi taught us to fight without violence, and all of them indeed come to this world with the purpose to guide us away from our concerns and old fashion ways. They all came with the mission to make a better world through the evolution of the spirit.

We are living interesting times to say the least. Human race is evolving, as all the beings and stars in the Universe do, but this time around is beyond our comprehension. Prophets are not prosecuted and executed any longer; more people are seeing the light. We are experiencing a movement of energies, and many of us are going along with it

We are seeing crystal children being born with the memories of past lives, indigos with incredible gifts and even adults, which have already gone through most of their time allowed in this world, are finding hidden or suppressed gifts that allow them to have a clearer perspective, a connection with other worlds and other beings.

Mediums, channels, psychics, curanderas, magus, and other gifted peoples of the earth are spreading and coming out of the woodwork. We are finding that gifts are abundant in our society and people are becoming wiser and bolder, showing and even flaunting their capabilities, to guide and inspire the neighbor, to heal the world.

We are experiencing an undercurrent that is uniting us all. We are finding more people searching for answers and many of them finding them. Partly due to the rampant sister/brotherhood reigning in the world right now.

Of course, there are still skeptics, and as percentages go, we can even tell that they are still the majority, but the number of visionaries are growing, Those not in the move are curious about the movement. It seems that what was started thousands of years ago by generous fellow humans that gave up their reputation and even their lives, is paying of now. A pay of that we can all benefit from. People want to love more and laugh together. We are getting a sense of community that goes beyond the village. We are becoming a worldwide village

Out of all of today’s gifted and developing souls, channels somehow have a prime spot in our minds. Channels are able to relax their minds to the point that they can receive the wisdom and love that surges from the collective energy of those that are alive and that were alive at any point in history, as well as from the Universe and the stars and from discarnate beings that are here to guide us.

To help us understand better what channels are and what they do I have invite Janet Nestor to the Show. Janet is a healer and coach and has worked for many years as a counselor. Janet is an experienced Medium and Channel and will have a lot to tell us regarding this way of perception.

Please join us Tuesday August 19th at 8 PM PST


Author Shondreka Palmer

Great show as the season opener
I had a really good time conversing with Shondreka. Her style is so fresh and young, shondher conversation so enthusiastic.
Shondreka’s fluid conversation, carried me on, bringing me to the point of motivation. She sounded like she was having a good time, and that made the idea of getting in shape a lot more appealing than ever before. She makes it sound doable and easy
What a way to get in shape! She finds her motivation on getting the energy to do all the good things she want to do in life. Having a baby is not the end of having a healthy, shapely body, is the start of a new lifestyle. The idea of bringing your routine in to your life, as walks, hikes and weekend outings, and sharing healthy meals with her child are brilliant. No more excuses. The gym is great, but if there is not time, there are dumbbells in the basement. I love the idea of bringing your routine to your everyday life. Brilliant
As life gets busier, we have to accommodate, but not necessarily leave out what is good for us. When we get organized, we can have time for it all; exercise and healthy diet, entertainment and time for friends is all part of life, and we can make time for all of it. We just have to become better jugglers of time, better planners.
If anything could motivate us to be healthier should be the wish to keep up with our children, and to want to live a longer life, so we see them grown and with children of their own.
Shondrea inspired me to make time for the good things in life. I am already a healthy eater and I exercise regularly, but her philosophy is not only an eye opener for our body’s health, but for health in general To remember that we can find time for everything, and we can get motivation out of unexpected sources.


If you like to get in contact with Shondreka you can reach her at https://www.facebook.com/authorshondrekapalmer In Facebook
https://twitter.com/AuthorPalmer in Twitter
and you can review and buy her books at http://www.amazon.com/DP/B00KMUZOSQ in Amazon

Grounding With Flowers

It was a very informative show, making us all look inside and revisit what we do for ourselves, truly. DSCN0143How often do we look at the tools that we use to help us distress? Do we consider how important it is to keep an eye in our stress level and how to de-stress?

Alx brought up some very important issues: we go through a lot of stress in a daily basis, and most of what we do to get rid of it is not sufficient. We need to get rid of the stress but also the residual energy that keeps on circulating our body after the stressor is gone. Changing subjects and locations help, but we also need to connect our bodies to a ground to release the energy accumulated.

Grounding help us detach from pain and anxiety, bring feelings of safety and content.  By grounding appropriately we can help our body heal and have a better chance to live longer.

There are many ways of grounding, but Alx’s technique is the best that I have heard of in a while. The fact that it combines simplicity with beauty really called my attention and I tried it myself that same night.  I went outside and got myself a camellia blossom –I know it is late in the year, but I live in California and we are having a glorious Fall- As Alx commented, I could have done with some leaves or a handful of dirt, but the flower seem romantic and beautiful at the time, so I went with that.

Once that I was back at home I got myself alone in a quiet room, low lights and I held the flower with both hands and I looked at it. I centered on giving thanks for such beautiful flower, and the bush that grows it. I was grateful for being alive in such a beautiful world, thanks to Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. Right at that time I felt that I was starting to decharge and I acknowledged it by saying it aloud, “I am decharging now” I stayed grateful and centering in the flower for approximately 15 minutes. It was a great experience. After I was done, I felt relaxed and happy, and I had one of the best night’s sleep I have had in many months. It really was a powerful experience.

I recommend to anybody that is having trouble with stress or anxiety to try this technique. Some may think that it is too simple to work. I just feel that part of its beauty lays in its simplicity. Try it for yourself and let me know, maybe we can bring Alx again for more advice and pointers.

If you care to listen to the show  please visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2013/11/13/decharging-de-stressing

Decharging De-Stressing

In today’s world we live in a society that is full of stressors, making us want more, work more, worry dientedeleonyflor1more and run everywhere. We are concerned about advancing at work, in many cases in a job that we don’t know if we will be able to keep, such is the way of the economy. We have concerns about our personal life, how we are coping with our partner, if we have one, or how to get one, if we don’t have an established relationship. In some cases trying to get rid of a partner is the stressor. And then there is the kids, are we able to have them? Will they be living in a safe world? Do we have enough money for extra-curricular activities? Have we saved enough money for their college? How about when we have teenage children, are they safe? Do they hang out in the right circles? And we can talk about the future, and retirement plans, and cost of living, and city living, commuting, the list goes on and on.

We can feel it, most everyone have stress and are bound to get overwhelmed by it at one point or another. For some people there is no way to get away from it, but there are many ways to de-stress, some more effective than others, many of them at our fingertips.

We are stress when we feel that something is becoming too much and it is taking over our lives. We are overwhelmed and don’t really know how to deal with all the pressure. In reality, anything that threats our wellbeing is a stress. Certain amount of stress is good for us as it takes us in to the Now and makes us react, gets us going. But too much stress, or stress that goes on for too long, is paralyzing, undermining both our physical and mental health

We have many choices in the way we distress, but the truth is that we need to do it. We can choose to deal with stress in an unhealthy way by smoking, over shopping, overeating, drinking too much or yelling at the neighbor; but hopefully we will go for a more healthy approach and we can go to the gym, hang out with friends, listen to music or drink some herbal tea.  Most of these options are good and help us deal with the ups and downs of modern life, but even with these activities we find ourselves worn out, like some of the stress leaves sediment in our lives. For that we also have options. We go to church, or meditate, get a Reiki massage or go to counseling. We all adapt solutions to our needs, depending on what we believe in and our means. We are living in changing times, and not only life is stressful, but it is full of options. We find that we can distress in many different ways that we never thought of previously, like practicing yoga, Taichi, visualization

To illustrate new ways of distressing, this week we have the pleasure to have Alx Uttermann visit us once again. This time Alx is going to tell us about De-Charging, a healing technique that help us leave the stress behind, just being released from it.

Please join me to welcome Alx for another wonderful evening of leaning and empowerment. The show will be live Tuesday November 12th at 8 PM PST. I hope you can make it, I am sure you will enjoy her talk


The Pillars of Humanity

Growing up I had great female role models, my mother, a very strong, capable 0908121620woman, the best financial advisor and military strategist I’ve ever met.  As organized as she was, she would have made a great software programmer if she would have been born 40 years later, loving, caring and a go-getter, nothing got in her way. I also had my paternal grandmother, the head of the tribe, very small soft-spoken woman, with an iron will. She was the matriarch of a huge extended family. She was asked for advice when buying property, getting married and in a myriad of other important dealings of life. Along with them, I had the privilege to be cared for by Carmina Gordon, an amazing woman, with incredible imagination and infinite patience, she taught me to read, write and be kind to animals,. Them, and many more women that showed me how to be a woman myself, are present in my life right now. Many of them have passed away, including my grandmother and my mom, and now, that they are not longer physically close to me I get to appreciate them, to really see them for what they are worth and to feel them closer, wiser, more caring and understanding than I ever perceived in my younger years.

This wonderful retrospective has allowed me to appreciate other women around me, and most of all myself. I have discovered the power of womanhood, not always appreciated and many times underestimated, even put down and quieted by this world that we live in.

But even after 1000s of years of neglect and abuse, women thrive. We are the nurturing force of the human race and we have kept our strength low-key.

But it is time to awake, to take responsibility, to be in charge of our lives and our role in society. We bear life and educate children. We can change our selves and change the world; we can lead the world to a better place. As women we can unite, support and empower each other, we can nourish, nurture and empower one another so we can live in a better world.

I now can cherish and appreciate women in a way I never did growing up. I am finding an incredible wealth of wisdom and stability in my female relations. I am finding myself in other women, I see all women as my sisters, as an example of what the world could be.

My magical friend Catherine and I are starting a collaboration with which we want to make a difference and help every woman that has ever had a doubt that she can. We can, we all can; and we will with each other’s support. We want to be a pillar of confidence because we know that we are all capable, we just need to be reminded at times when things are getting tougher.

Please join us in on Tuesday, July 9th at 8pm pacific standard time


“Educate a man and you educate a person, educate a woman and you educate a nation”