Channeling and Channelers

For thousands of years we have been submerged in physical, intellectual and emotional evolution. We came down DSCN0057smfrom the trees, walked on two feet, got opposing thumbs and invented fire. As time passed we gathered and hunted, formed tribes and villages, tamed animal, planted seeds, learned to enjoy painting and music and adored Gods. This was done over and over again, spiraling outwards and upwards, learning more, splitting the world around us, learning all there was to learn about nature the space and our bodies. Suddenly we realized that we got it all wrong and back to the drawing board, postulating new theories, learning more, looking at things from different angles.

It is getting to the point that so much manipulations, investigation, theorization and exploitation is taking a toll in the world and our spirits. We see in plain view what is going on with our lives and environment and we still don’t stop. The spiral is going too fast and we don’t know how to stop it. We are arrogant and fascinated with our own existence, forgetting that existence is conditioned by the spirit that we nurture, and the environment we live in.

All through the ages we were blessed with brilliant souls that came in to this world to give us light, to show us a better way and guide us towards better, or at least alternative ways to look at reality, to develop our souls and interact with our environment. David showed is wisdom, and Buddha was patient. Jesus brought us the meaning of love and Mohamed the revolutionary sense of survival. We were enlightened by Michael Angelo’s vision, and surprised by Leonardo’s intellect. Gandhi taught us to fight without violence, and all of them indeed come to this world with the purpose to guide us away from our concerns and old fashion ways. They all came with the mission to make a better world through the evolution of the spirit.

We are living interesting times to say the least. Human race is evolving, as all the beings and stars in the Universe do, but this time around is beyond our comprehension. Prophets are not prosecuted and executed any longer; more people are seeing the light. We are experiencing a movement of energies, and many of us are going along with it

We are seeing crystal children being born with the memories of past lives, indigos with incredible gifts and even adults, which have already gone through most of their time allowed in this world, are finding hidden or suppressed gifts that allow them to have a clearer perspective, a connection with other worlds and other beings.

Mediums, channels, psychics, curanderas, magus, and other gifted peoples of the earth are spreading and coming out of the woodwork. We are finding that gifts are abundant in our society and people are becoming wiser and bolder, showing and even flaunting their capabilities, to guide and inspire the neighbor, to heal the world.

We are experiencing an undercurrent that is uniting us all. We are finding more people searching for answers and many of them finding them. Partly due to the rampant sister/brotherhood reigning in the world right now.

Of course, there are still skeptics, and as percentages go, we can even tell that they are still the majority, but the number of visionaries are growing, Those not in the move are curious about the movement. It seems that what was started thousands of years ago by generous fellow humans that gave up their reputation and even their lives, is paying of now. A pay of that we can all benefit from. People want to love more and laugh together. We are getting a sense of community that goes beyond the village. We are becoming a worldwide village

Out of all of today’s gifted and developing souls, channels somehow have a prime spot in our minds. Channels are able to relax their minds to the point that they can receive the wisdom and love that surges from the collective energy of those that are alive and that were alive at any point in history, as well as from the Universe and the stars and from discarnate beings that are here to guide us.

To help us understand better what channels are and what they do I have invite Janet Nestor to the Show. Janet is a healer and coach and has worked for many years as a counselor. Janet is an experienced Medium and Channel and will have a lot to tell us regarding this way of perception.

Please join us Tuesday August 19th at 8 PM PST


Healing with Alice McCall

Very informative, really entertaining, deeply healing; that s what this past Tuesday’s show was. It DSCN0624- went from realization to deeper understanding, passing through, heightened awareness and deep direction all through the program.

Alice brought us a new understanding of health and well being, not just looking inside, spiritually, but to the point where our body meets our soul, the cellular level, cellular memory and dynamics.

Alice talked about how we keep negative thoughts, experiences, beliefs and memories in our cells at an energetic/biological level, how cells can keep toxins and unhealthy believes alike, one being the precursor of the other, how our bodies, being energy, get affected by the energy of trauma. Events that we could consider done and over with may resurface days, months and even years later; Alice proposes that these issues may even be originated in the womb or in past lives and get to affect us right here, right now.

We heard Alice, and her testimony is incredible, really hopeful and enlightened. But is it also too good to be true? How is it that getting rid of traumas and even fears can make us happier, healthier? Visit Alice’s page and you will see how many testimonials she has collected, people ravish and rage regarding her care and their results If that is what people have to say about their experience, it certainly sounds like an option to me.

On top of personal testimony ad experience, we can look at it from a more scientific angle; more and more scientist are talking about matter really being energy, our world being just a perception of energy that vibrates on our same frequency, how at a quantum level we are just a group of particles acting in regards to the energy vibrating within us and around us, including other people, animals, the trees and even starts and the entire Universe.

There are a lot of questions and it looks like we are getting more answers, through faith and thought spirituality, but through science as well; we are finding how holistic believes and scientific data is getting closer by the minute, the actual facts and results speaking for themselves.

I loved the fact that Alice gave us some tools to use in order to start out healing. A grievance journal to record and forgive all grievances in our lives, letting go of pain, of rancor and fear, bringing in love and hope, joy! Alice has done even more than that,  she has written a book in which she gives us more tools, more clues and in many instances,  just hope hope.


Deeper Healing

We are in the times of the alternative option, alternative medicine, alternative life style. We are alice mccallchanging the way we live by changing the way we think, eat, clean or even the way we relate to others and our selves.

We live in a time in which we are starting to look at things differently. We don’t have to take anybody’s word as the truth or only alternative. We don’t have to take opinions as truths, as we can look for different options such as second opinions, additional information and even alternative ways of doing things. We live in the times of information, but we are also living through a very interesting enlightened times, in which we are starting to understand that pills and plastic don’t solve everything if anything, and that it is ok to go against Western medical tradition.

We are learning that what we say to others we say to ourselves, that chastising our actions only bring more grief…we are learning that our bodies and health are influenced by our thoughts, we even just found out that words and sounds can change gene expressions. We are learning a lot, and we are becoming more whole.

Somehow science is starting to catch up with the healing arts. Through science we are starting to understand customs and uses of our ancestors, of other cultures, that so far we have deemed as uncivilized, ignorant, incapable of scientific though, thus incapable of true knowledge. We are learning and letting the knowledge sip through our skins and change our lives. I am not saying that all of us are awakening at the same speed, or that most of us understand the implications of such statements as “We are All One”, “We are All Star Dust”, just pointing out that there is more awareness, more curiosity and much, much more information available to quench our thirst for knowledge, for options, for alternatives.

A very interesting wholistic approach to health is cellular level healing. The idea is that our cells are repository of nutrients and DNA but also our emotions and memories. When there is damage to any of the bodies that compose our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, the memory and trauma is stored in the cells of our body disarranging the natural harmony and energy of the body. All these bring emotional and physical illness as well as mental and spiritual. A very interesting healing concept that is gaining momentum through the practices of certain gifted healers.

To talk about healing and alternative medicine, and in particular to talk to us more about cellular level healing I have invited Alice McCall, a healer for many years who started her journey by healing herself in 2001 and getting inspired thereafter to share her knowledge and gift.

Please join us Tuesday February 4th at 8 PM PST for a very interesting talk about a different, even revolutionary, way of healing

Mare Cromwell

Mare, a world of knowledge, a well of soul; she brought us her light, she is very determined to marecromshare, Mother told her to do it.

Mare speaks as she writes, with the determination and self-assurance of those that have a mission, that know their path; she can talk for hours about the Mother and her lessons, and about her very personal relationship with Her, with nature, healing, ancient knowledge…just knowledge, inherited by all men an women, acknowledged by few. She has been closed to the earth most of her life, to Nature, to plants. Being a sacred gardener, a shaman apprentice and a plant whisperer, Mare has been granted a different angle, a different perspective by understanding, by closeness and sense of kin. She learned to heal by healing herself, by listening to herself and to her body. Mare listened to her body to discover that something was leading her in the right direction, the path of healing. She healed her body healing her spirit, getting united with Nature, with Mother Earth…Listening to the wise words of a shaman and the sure inspiration of her yearning spirit; learning to trust Nature, her Nature and her connection to sacred Mother, the connection that we all have with Mother Earth.

She is an author and a messenger, or is it the other way around? Mare talks about her being instructed to write, when to do it and how. Mother is loving but demanding, taking Mare for a ride of the senses, an awareness of source, guiding her closely on her journey. Giving mother, attending daughter, Mare tells us we are all of that quality; we can all listen and contribute. It is in all of us to reach out spirituality through our feminine energy, our birthright to be women and to be strong, in our own right, by our own power.

You can learn more about Mare and her work at

If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America

Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother

Healing without Medicine, Spirituality without Church

For the past few centuries Western society has been following a pattern that has brought us to a marevery materialistic world, in which we expect to achieve goals immediately, whether it is to get thinner, healthier, comfortable or mentally balanced. We are in the times of massive consumerism where everything is a business, including our health, where everything can be fixed with machines and pills, our food enhanced with chemicals and our bodies fixed with the knife and scalpel.

But is that really healthy, are the long-term consequences to have a quick fix worth the side effects on our environment and us?

Our air is polluted, not to talk about the water. Our foods are extensively processed and laced with substances to enhance flavor and shelf-life, we are a medicated society, getting pills for every thought of malady, plus the side effects of those pills. Along all these, and maybe as a consequence of it all, some folks are returning to the earth, Mother Earth, to the beginnings, to the old wives remedies and ancient cultures; the remedies of the Earth, natural ways of restoring the body and mind, living a clean, non polluted life. Some are coming up and standing as spiritual leaders, claiming to have been enlightened, some others report having discovered a healthy way of life, making a living and a life out of helping others become healthy, from the inside out.

We are seeing a strong current of people that refuse medication and search for modified diets and medicinal herbs, Mother Nature recipes to keep mankind healthy and happy, a change of values and goals is usually included in this cocktail. Some of the claim to have healed themselves and others, but main stream science and doctors call them quack and in many cases the law prosecutes this individuals, claiming that they are a danger for public health and stability, placing people in harms way by giving them hope of healing without Western Medicine.

And you think that the movement would wind down with so much opposition from authority, and I am sure that some folks somehow feel deterred by doctors and medical professionals opinion, but the truth is that we are finding more healers, more naturopaths, herbologists and lightworkers, among many other types of healers every time we look around. Why is that? Is it that they really have tapped in to something that the rest of us don’t really have had the opportunity to experience? Many of the claim that they had experiences with Western Medicine in which they felt let down by the doctors and procedures, so they decided to try a different approach, and voila, they got cured and now they feel compelled to share their experience through private practice, counseling, books and seminars. Are they really and alternative? Are they an option as a way to stay healthy holistically, from the inside out? or is it even just an option for people that can’t find answers in a more conservative approach to their health? Are they really effective? Is it safe to trust your health to people that don’t have medical training acquired in a University from practicing doctors, but healing art training directed by a Shaman or another healer. Are inspiration and experience means to acquire the knowledge needed to heal someone?

Many of these aforementioned healers have been in medical paradigms themselves, in which they claim to have healed themselves and learned what the deeper meaning of disease is, bringing up a different way, or ways, to approach particular maladies or even health in general. Are those that have been wounded ready to heal, and actually effective at it because they are wounded themselves, wanting to heal through the healing of others?

There are many questions regarding this new age trend and to start answering some of our questions I have invited Mare Cromwell. Mare is an award-winning author that has written two books on spirituality, has trained numerous years with a Native American Shaman and has cured herself from cancer. I know that we will have a very interesting conversation, finding answers to many of our questions and opening up a new array of possibilities in healing and self-acknowledgment, that while may not be for everyone, may be helpful to some of us to clarify concepts and options. Knowledge is power.

Please help me welcome Mare this Tuesday January 28 at 8 PM PST for a fabulous conversation about Mother Earth, healing and alternative views of life; I hope to see you there.


Psychic Bystander

IMG_20121118_101605Louisa has the speech of a writer, fluent, concise, organized; she has a lot to say and her conversation is both interesting and informative. She has a particular way of looking at phenomena, probably the angle of an interested bystander, a Psychic Bystander.

It strikes me fabulous that Louisa went from being a skeptic to fully believe in psychic phenomena; somehow her position brings validity and credibility to her husbands experience and that of the rest of his family. Louisa is an intelligent woman that has worked many years as a professional writer and for the topic of her first novel she chose her husbands experience with spirits as it has become a passion for her. Document events and interview family member and pretty soon she had a book.

Louisa is fascinated by the psychic phenomena, but what is even more interesting is that Louisa is bringing benefit to other human beings, as her findings and related stories bring light over life after death and what happens to our loved ones when they pass. She talks about contact with the loved ones in her family, how family members that passed on keep contact, coming back for big events or just to say hi. The thing is that if this particular family can see their relatives and hear them, it must be because they are there, and even if the rest of us don’t see people in other dimensions, we can all draw comfort from the knowledge that they are still around us, wishing us well, watching over us, caring.

And all this hard work and care paid off; a woman that read the book Memoirs of a Psychic Bystander, contacted Louisa to let her know that after loosing her child that book was a great comfort to her…Great accomplishment Louisa; delightful feeling of knowing that you have helped another human being, that you have been able to shed some light for somebody to see their path with more clarity, to relieve some of their pain, and bring some hope to a hurting human being. Priceless!

If you want to learn more about Louisa or to buy her book please contact her at in twitter @psychicbystandr or in her webpage and blog very interesting read

Will love to bring Louisa back for the presentation of her next book Loitering at the Gate of Eternity. Promising read

Psychic Writer

Psychic phenomena is something that interests many of us at one point or another in our lives. louisaMany people believe in ghosts and believe that they can see them, but are they real? Is it the imagination of the witness, playing a trick to them?

What are ghosts and what can they do to us? Are they good or bad, are they real? And if so, can we communicate with them?

We hear about psychics and fortunetellers and we don’t know what to do with it. We think it is all the same, people that claim to see spirits and read your mind; some even claim to see the future and predict events.

Do we believe in it, is it real? Some people do, but for many years, and in many cases due to religious traditions, many people have been skeptical, non believers and in some cases, detractors of the issue. After all, what evidence do we have? How do we know it is real? Most of us don’t experience it and it is not easy to see on others. People that claim to have psychic ability sometimes open up shop and give advice and other services. Those of us that want to believe, or even some that think “what they heck, what do I have to loose?” go see them a little bit scared and with great hope, usually when in a cross roads in life or when in a lot of trouble. Some people swear by them, well, the one they go see, and others call them quacks and charlatans. And in some ways they may all be right, some of the people that give psychic advice know they are not qualified, but still they take people’s money, in some cases a lot, and give them foul advice. believe on it and want to really advice others with their knowledge.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that some people can contact them, read your mind, see in to the future? Do you believe in psychic powers and phenomena?

It is hard to decide, as we don’t see them, but we all want to believe. We want to believe that there is a life after this one, that this respite of time isn’t all. For centuries churches have told us that the pain in this world will make us worthy of they riches of the next, but is there a next world? And if there is one, where is it, why nobody comes back? Or do they? Can it be possible that we are surrounded by spirits and we can’t see them? Is it possible that some people have developed a sensibility that allows them to communicate with spirits of other dimensions?

In order to clarify the issue and answer some of our questions I have invited Louisa Oakley Green. She is a psychic investigator and author of Memoirs of a Psychic Bystarnder, with a very interesting story and great wealth of experience in the matter.

Please join me Tuesday December 17th at 8 PM PST for a chat out of this world