Deeper Healing

We are in the times of the alternative option, alternative medicine, alternative life style. We are alice mccallchanging the way we live by changing the way we think, eat, clean or even the way we relate to others and our selves.

We live in a time in which we are starting to look at things differently. We don’t have to take anybody’s word as the truth or only alternative. We don’t have to take opinions as truths, as we can look for different options such as second opinions, additional information and even alternative ways of doing things. We live in the times of information, but we are also living through a very interesting enlightened times, in which we are starting to understand that pills and plastic don’t solve everything if anything, and that it is ok to go against Western medical tradition.

We are learning that what we say to others we say to ourselves, that chastising our actions only bring more grief…we are learning that our bodies and health are influenced by our thoughts, we even just found out that words and sounds can change gene expressions. We are learning a lot, and we are becoming more whole.

Somehow science is starting to catch up with the healing arts. Through science we are starting to understand customs and uses of our ancestors, of other cultures, that so far we have deemed as uncivilized, ignorant, incapable of scientific though, thus incapable of true knowledge. We are learning and letting the knowledge sip through our skins and change our lives. I am not saying that all of us are awakening at the same speed, or that most of us understand the implications of such statements as “We are All One”, “We are All Star Dust”, just pointing out that there is more awareness, more curiosity and much, much more information available to quench our thirst for knowledge, for options, for alternatives.

A very interesting wholistic approach to health is cellular level healing. The idea is that our cells are repository of nutrients and DNA but also our emotions and memories. When there is damage to any of the bodies that compose our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, the memory and trauma is stored in the cells of our body disarranging the natural harmony and energy of the body. All these bring emotional and physical illness as well as mental and spiritual. A very interesting healing concept that is gaining momentum through the practices of certain gifted healers.

To talk about healing and alternative medicine, and in particular to talk to us more about cellular level healing I have invited Alice McCall, a healer for many years who started her journey by healing herself in 2001 and getting inspired thereafter to share her knowledge and gift.

Please join us Tuesday February 4th at 8 PM PST for a very interesting talk about a different, even revolutionary, way of healing


Grounding With Flowers

It was a very informative show, making us all look inside and revisit what we do for ourselves, truly. DSCN0143How often do we look at the tools that we use to help us distress? Do we consider how important it is to keep an eye in our stress level and how to de-stress?

Alx brought up some very important issues: we go through a lot of stress in a daily basis, and most of what we do to get rid of it is not sufficient. We need to get rid of the stress but also the residual energy that keeps on circulating our body after the stressor is gone. Changing subjects and locations help, but we also need to connect our bodies to a ground to release the energy accumulated.

Grounding help us detach from pain and anxiety, bring feelings of safety and content.  By grounding appropriately we can help our body heal and have a better chance to live longer.

There are many ways of grounding, but Alx’s technique is the best that I have heard of in a while. The fact that it combines simplicity with beauty really called my attention and I tried it myself that same night.  I went outside and got myself a camellia blossom –I know it is late in the year, but I live in California and we are having a glorious Fall- As Alx commented, I could have done with some leaves or a handful of dirt, but the flower seem romantic and beautiful at the time, so I went with that.

Once that I was back at home I got myself alone in a quiet room, low lights and I held the flower with both hands and I looked at it. I centered on giving thanks for such beautiful flower, and the bush that grows it. I was grateful for being alive in such a beautiful world, thanks to Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. Right at that time I felt that I was starting to decharge and I acknowledged it by saying it aloud, “I am decharging now” I stayed grateful and centering in the flower for approximately 15 minutes. It was a great experience. After I was done, I felt relaxed and happy, and I had one of the best night’s sleep I have had in many months. It really was a powerful experience.

I recommend to anybody that is having trouble with stress or anxiety to try this technique. Some may think that it is too simple to work. I just feel that part of its beauty lays in its simplicity. Try it for yourself and let me know, maybe we can bring Alx again for more advice and pointers.

If you care to listen to the show  please visit

The Real War Against Cancer

One of the most devastating things that can happen to anybody is to have a cancer diagnosis. Our own DSCN0365mortality becomes a reality right in front of our eyes. Succeeding, where the kids are going to college or to be able to get a raise is not a main issue any more. Life changes meaning, priorities adjust, goals get switched; we are not bargaining for a better life any more, now we are bargaining for our life. What was important yesterday is not important any more. We have been changed in to a different person with different needs and expectations by the power of three words “You have cancer”

We are living in a time in which cancer seems more an epidemic than a chronic disease. Most everybody knows someone that has or has had cancer, if they don’t have it themselves; it is getting out of control. Is it the way we live? The food we eat? Is it the stress or is it that doctors know more about it so they can diagnose it more readily? We don’t really know what is happening with so much cancer going on, but what we do know is that it is our responsibility, and no one else’s, to protect ourselves against it.  We are not all-mighty, and we don’t have a magic wand, but there are some steps that we can take in order to deter or even delay the dreaded disease. We can always go to the doctor and let them counsel us on our lifestyle, and ultimately diagnose us. But early diagnosis is not really prevention. Mammograms are good, and they probably save lives, but once it is detected you got it, not matter how early of a stage it is.

And cancer for one, doesn’t give warning signs like heart disease or obesity. Once you got cancer you are in for life. It doesn’t matter that you go through treatment and that you are in remission. You are a cancer survivor forever. You will have the fear and the higher chance to get it again as long as you live. I am not saying that you will necessarily die from it, I am saying that you will always have it present in your live, whether it is present in your body or not. It is here to stay for good.

We know that we live in a toxic world, with pollution and toxic paints, cars and plastic bottles. We know about stress and lack of sleep, fast food and household cleaners, cosmetics and tap water; we know that we are putting our lives in harm’s way and don’t think twice about it, we still dare the devil and keep on going with our busy lives, not paying much attention to what the experts are telling us that cause cancer. Why do we do it? If we know that many of our activities, foods and everyday items are damaging to our health in untold ways, why do we still do it? Do we think that we are beyond damage, that we are super human and what affect others will not affect us? Or is it possible that the whole thing scares us so much that we rather not look at it until it affect us, if indeed it ever does?

I really don’t know why we behave this way, but I think that the fact that the world is changing so fast, right under out feet may have something to do with it. Information overload may have a lot to do with looking the other way. But still we are responsible for our own lives.

And there are a lot of things, big and small, simple or complicated that we can do to help our general health and ultimately lower our chances to get cancer, we can quit smoking, loose weight, eat more vegetables, exercise often, quit fast food, meditate, make friends with the neighbor, get a hobby, switch the TV off and talk as a family, volunteer for a charity, cook our own meals, smile just because, forget grouches, forgive old grievances. All these are only examples of some of the things we can do to become healthier, whole and complete. And every little thing counts; every little effort will take us one step closer to our goal.

Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. As we say, every little steps counts, but it will not count if we just pick it up for a minute and drop it again because we have not made our mind up. Don’t take on too many goals; don’t take on goals that you know you are not ready for. Experts say that we do best if we space our new habits at least 30 days apart, to let both our bodies and minds deal with the change. Just remember to be conscientious and responsible with your life, remember that the real fight against cancer begins with you.

To honor the victims of cancer all over the world and to empower ourselves against this terrible disease, please join us this Tuesday October 29 at 8 PM PST for a discussion about cancer. We will love to hear your voice; we will be taking questions from the phone and chat, so bring your opinion and your curiosity with you.