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We talk about disgrace and horror, we talk about what affect others and how we can learn from it, we see terrible things happen, and we wonder how those people go on, they find strength in little teresacapaldoncrevices, they hang on for their lives and they triumph. How do we do it? How do we bring unsuspected courage to the table when time comes? Given the opportunity some of us can come up from trouble and keep on going, while others need encouragement, we are all different. The way we relate to our inner self and how much we want to live have a lot to do with it, but there is certain resilience left to a few, to the strongest, or maybe to those that don’t have any other choice but to push ahead and get results, get back in to their feet. Usually those that have what it takes to keep going have what it takes to encourage others.

Women are courageous beings, resilient and strong. We are wired for endurance and courage, to keep on going,, no matter what, for the sake of the children, the sake of the family and in some instances our own sake; we are also wired for caring and nurturing, we are truly amazing.

Women have the compassion and empathy necessary to help others get over trauma, the sensitivity and love. Evolutionarily we have been put together to care, to bring the best in others, to nurse and to nurture. Confidants and counselors by trade through history, women have been healers by choice and necessity, but mostly by vocation. We as women have the want and the means to bring more peace to the world, more love to families, more fulfillment to people, and we do it in a daily basis, listening to friends, advising the children, solving crisis at work. We are a constant resource for many people.

Still, some women choose to make it a life style and go the extra mile, working professionally with people, in matters that may not need a medical professional, but an advisor, a wise friend, that wants the best for us, and us such helps us find it inside of us. We find more and more holistic healers and advisors in these times of uncertainty, and we see that women excel in such fields.  These women go in to counseling and life coaching, taking a step forward towards providing help, being a stepping stone in this life, for those of us that may stumble once in a while.

Most of us, at one point or another, have felt that live is letting us down, that life is passing us by and we are not getting the best out of it, that we should be able to dig deep in ourselves and realize all that there is to realize in our live, but we don’t know how. It doesn’t have to be a mayor disappointment, jus the fact that we live in a very harsh world makes us falter, hurt. Living in this confusing world makes us wonder if we are doing the best thing, for ourselves and others, if we are in the right track; we feel alone in this hurried world and we want to reach out and get some help, some guidance. So we attend and seek out the help of a coach, someone that will help us straighten out our finances, love/family life, carrier, even our relationship with ourselves; how can other person see so much in us when we are blind? How can they help us? Is there a legitimate claim to efficacy on going to get this kind of help? Is that appropriate for this particular issue? Even after deciding we need help, we still have a lot of questions, how to go about it? Is this appropriate? Will I solve the issues? Will they be able to help?

To help us understand what life coaches do and how beneficial their practice may be to us, I have invited Teresa Capaldo, a professional Life Coach, Certified Soul Art Guide, to join us Tuesday December 3rd at 8 PM PST. Please help me welcome Teresa and bring your questions, the lines will be open


On Being Feminine

We all want to be feminine, but are we? 1017522_481324855288917_209918415_n

As little girls we liked dolls, an indication that we are maternal, and pink bows and to look pretty so we can be admired and told that we are nice and wonderful. Girls just like to be sweet and soft, we like to be nice.  We are vulnerable and we like to be taken care of. We like our man, whether it is father, boyfriend or husband to be ready and help us, we like to give love and nurture, and most of all we like to care and empathize.

But what does it mean to be feminine?

I today’s society it isn’t very easy to be feminine. We are brought up to like all feminine things. We are told that we are sugar and spice and everything nice, but we live in a go-getter masculine world. By the time we reach sexual maturity we are all confused. We have been told that caring is for losers, that if we don’t get up and go, we will never make it. We are told that we need a man to take care of us, but we find ourselves competing with men. There are too many contradictions I think, and I also think that we can change that.

I believe that being feminine is actually caring, nurturing and empathic, that we can, and actually should, treat the world in a loving, and sweet manner. We don’t need to be forceful and aggressive. We have our ways.

When a woman loses her compassion, she loses herself. We can be sweet and assertive, and we should.

We evolved to wait in the “cave” making a home while man went out to hunt the bison and mammoth to feed the family. We are to stay around and do our work, light the fire, gather seeds and wait for man to bring us the meat. And I think that here is where the problem lays. We are to let man do their work, not tell them what to do. We are to do our work, not expect man to tell us what to do. But most of all, we don’t have to accept what man, or society for that matter, gives to us. When we stay in our cave we are not waiting for the man, we are making our life. We are not dependent on them, as we know how to gather seeds and roots, and we learn how to sow and harvest. We can take care of ourselves. We can take care of our lives and the lives of others; we can create a home, where there is fire for warmth and safe shelter, so why should we go by the rules of others, by imposed preconceptions of what our lives should be. We are not to accept everything that is given to us. We are to choose if we want what we are offered.

Why do we expect men to ask us to marry them, get on their knees and tell us that they will bring us the world and then we don’t let them? Why do we try to fill masculine roles in society that drive our nature berserk?  By trying to fulfill a role that is not ours we are getting shortchanged and actually very damaged, both emotionally and spiritually.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that women today should stay home and wait for her man to bring home the bacon. I believe that we are plenty capable of bringing it home ourselves, and cook it and clean after ourselves. I believe the by going back to our sweet ways, our compassionate ways, and by allowing time, thinking things through, and slowing down our pace, just like our foremothers did, we will be more in synchronicity with our true nature and we will be able to have and independent and fulfilling role in society. I believe that we can be feminine and strong, that we can be nurturing and successful and that we should be women first and foremost in everything that we do, because it is in our nature and that way we will be most successful in our lives and we will be able to contribute to this world that is forgetting what a helping hand is, and what home really means.

Please Join Catherine and me Tuesday July 16th at a8 PM Pacific Time for our new show, we will love to hear your opinions and concerns

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We Have Officially Launched Our Chats

We had our first show, and it was an incredible experience. The chemistry between Catherine and myself grow on air, it was beautiful

We are all tough beautiful flowers

We are all tough beautiful flowers

.We had been working at coordinating and writing; we had long conversations and got to many aha moments. Catherine and I are discovering that we have tremendous amounts of things in common. We are obviously very different people, but woman that share many of the same values. We are women that have live through many of the same experiences and took a different approach to go through them. I am finding myself closer and closer to Catherine, in many ways, feeling like we have been closer forever, and feeling like soul sisters.

This great friendship that we share is making us stronger and it is helping us to come up with more ideas, and with more chemistry to be able to share and to offer opportunities to all the women out there. Good energy, chemistry and good feelings are starting to get contagious, and we had a very good response form the audience.

.I feel that we have found a reason to thrive, a new and fulfilling goal, which will get us far in our mission to help and support women.

I was really impressed with Catherine story regarding Abby and the fact that Catherine was so willing to help. I got goose bumps hearing her talk about her story and it made a great point to how powerful just one person can be, how a little ripple may end up in a tsunami. The seeds are sowed, and once again the power of one takes over, and Catherine was brilliant illustrating the point, not by talking about it, but actually by doing something positive from her world, just herself.

It may seem like a little action, but we should be aware of the consequences of every little action that we take, for good or bad. What we can all do, how we can all contribute and what results we can bring to our lives and the lives of others. We will be able to appreciate if the rest of the chain follows through, how far the ripple will reach, one way or another.

I will like to contribute to Abby’s adventure with my little grain of sand, just to keep on making the ocean of support for all of us. Please take a minute and listen to this very talented young woman and vote for her at:


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Next week we will be talking about what it means to be feminine, how does it help us hinder us, and affect us all around. Do you think women today are feminine or should we even be feminine in today’s world? Please join the discussion; we really want to know what you think about