Keeping a Youthful Body

We all want to be in shape, mostly when we are young and our main goal is to attract a suitable mate. We shondwant to put out best face forward. So we get the best clothes and put on make up, we feel pretty. It is easy when we are young, when our hormones are stable, before having children and a mortgage that takes our time and peace of mind.

A toned body is easy to achieve when we are young, our body is fresh and new, we don’t need to worry so much about what we eat or how many crunches we do. But as time goes by things start changing. Our body is not so young and it takes a lot more to keep it in shape. We have children and our hormonal make up changes, gravity is starting to have an effect on our tummy and our minds. It seems like the shapely body goes almost as fast as the pimples, and although we don’t miss the blemishes, we miss the buns of steel.

With time, our priorities start to change, and we consider that we are putting down roots, we are more concerned with making a living and settling down, paying the bills and having a comfortable home. We work hard towards keeping our children healthy and safe.

As our lives evolve and we mature we consider looks as secondary, as something that we used to have and value, but that are not important any more.

We have heard that as we grow old and have children we will get a belly and flabby thighs. We believe that as time goes by our skin will not be as radiant and our hair will loose luster, and we start to believe that it is the way life is. Once we start having an adult life we will not look like a teenager any longer, the hips will get wider and the butt will sag.

Although it doesn’t have to be that way, with all this self-talk we are probably lying to ourselves, convincing ourselves that that is the only way. But in reality, we are just trying to cope with what we have been told that is inevitable. We don’t want to be disappointed, so we just go with the flow. It is permissible for a mother to forgo her looks. But is it really?

For one, we still like to look our best. No matter how old we are or whatever else is going on in our lives, we still have some vanity left on us. It is no so much that looking good is the most important thing in the world, as it used to be when we were younger, but a certain pride in our looks, a drive to appear attractive, for our partner or prospective suitors, if we happen to be single at the time.

Being attractive is not something for when we are 18 and have all the time in the world to fuss about our appearance. In fact, being in shape and attractive is a lot more than cute clothes, makeup and looking good. I believe that being attractive is all about being healthy and happy; whatever size we maybe, a toned body is a healthy body, and that is beautiful.

We should be aware that what makes a body and skin attractive is health. When we have a good muscle tone and glowing skin, we are showing the world that we are healthy. And after all is said and done, that should be our ultimate goal.

Keeping a healthy diet and sensible exercise goes a long way. Through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle we can aspire to better quality of life and possibly a longer time in this world. But it seems that everyday obligations get in our way of getting a vigorous body. Where do we find time to cook healthy meals and go to the gym?

It is really not that easy, but we can do it. It is just a matter of priorities, and understanding why we do it.

Shondreka Palmer will join us this week to give us an insight of how she got her body in shape after her first child. Shondreka is a published author and single mother that have achieved her dream. She is mom and dad to her son, keeps a busy life and still have time to dedicate to her health, making sure that she lives a healthy and long life and has the strength to raise her child properly. She was so successful on her lifestyle change that she decided to write a second book. She shares with all of us her routines and diet, laying out in a simple but thorough manner her exercise and meal plan. Easy to follow and to understand, Shondreka gives us a step by step guide to success.

Please join us this Tuesday at 8 PM PST for tips on keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind


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The Only Opinion That Matters Is Yours

The chat was fascinating. Danica introduced body image as it is traditionally understood, and distorted shadowwe went from there. We talked about how we feel as women, how we see ourselves and what all that has to do with body image. Shannon, the founder of 4Hunamitees joined us and had so many really good points. She helped us clarify some of the questions that arose as we were introducing the topic. Why do we consider our outer appearance so important? Why are we concerned about what the rest of the world think of us?  Where do we get the idea of how we should look like? Why are we so critical of ourselves and others? How we are judged by society, we judge back.  What we can do to improve what we feel inside?  We got to some great conclusions as we realized that nowadays we fixate too much in to exterior appearance, forgetting that real beauty is a projection of who we are inside. We talked about how being secure in oneself can make you the most attractive person in the room, regardless of what you look like. Just that confidence is enough to turn heads and bring up comments. Body size and body types was also in the conversation and we all agreed in the fact that we are all born different shapes and sizes, and that trying to make a “one size fits all” type of approach is insane to say the least. But along with that liberating thought, we also concluded that a body that moves is a body that vibrates. We got a suggestion from Shannon that going to talk to your co-workers instead of shooting an email brings on double benefit: it makes you move, get that blood pumping, plus it improves communication among employees, bringing back the old fashion “face to face” communication. Danica shared with us that she is taking a liking on Rumba. She has discovered that it is easier for her to move and exercise when she is having fun. But she also pointed out that it is more for the health than anything else. We all agreed, a healthy body is a sexy body.

The best part of the show was that it opened the doors to many more questions; it brought us to a ground in which we can start addressing issues regarding young people, women really affected by this phenomenon So many questions unanswered, so many problems to address, that we realized right then in there that this is just he surface of the topic. As I said, we just scratched the surface. Once again we have found a topic that needs revisiting, we will have to bring it back as many times as it is necessary.

Imagine the Image, That is What We Do

Body image, well, I guess that we all have one, but I am getting to find out that most of the time we are too influenced by others to really have a say on how we think about our body

Distorted Image

Distorted Image

Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, am I dark enough, light enough, or am I just plain ugly? Do we give ourselves a break? Or is it society that is too hard on us. It seems that every time we turn around there is something else that we are supposed to do to our bodies. Breast implants, nose jobs, liposuction, tanning, skin bleaching…are we crazy? Who are we trying to please? Who told us that a particular body size or color is more desirable than other? We spend our lives searching the unattainable, what we want to look like is not real.

We get images from media and we make it our goal to make our life miserable. Always on a diet to be impossibly thin, wearing tremendous amounts of make up to cover our “flaws” , we dye our hair and paint out nails. What do we accomplish? For the most part not much. Most women have gone on a diet at one point on their lives, some live on a diet, all of this to stay on the same weight, or to loose a lot of weight and then gained it right back. Why is it like that? Why are we so unhappy with the way that we look? And why do we go about fixing ourselves the way we do?

For one I believe that media influences our body image, making us feel down for we don’t look like. But corporate businesses tell us that we can achieve the idea that we have of what we should look like, easy! Just take a pill, wear that dress, and change the shape of your nose. You will look fabulous…it will be expensive, but you will access the look that you want…are you sure now? The whole concept of buying beauty drags us towards expending more, wanting more and ultimately getting a lower self-esteem, once we realize that there is no such a thing as a magic pill.

We think that other women are more attractive than we are for any of a variety of reasons. Do we just feel unworthy? Is this society leading us to believe that we will never amount to attractiveness? We are told since childhood that we have to be perfect, sweet, feminine, have a pretty face and a sexy body…what is a pretty face? who set the standards? Are we aware that beauty standards change with time and they are different in different cultures? do we realize that we are submitting ourselves to tremendous stress because  somebody else’s criteria, what they decided that they like, not what is truly beautiful? Because, what is truly beautiful? can someone answer that question for me?

It is time to take charge of our lives, and realize that beauty is socially constructed. I believe in diversity, no just cultural, sexual and gender, but all kinds of diversity. We are all different and all beautiful on our own ways. We need to take charge and responsibility for who we are, no for how we look like. Self-confidence and acceptance are at the center of all this.

Look inside and realize how important it is for you to look good in the outside, why is it important? In nature animals are selective for a purpose, they want their mates to have certain traits that will assure that their offspring will be healthy and that they will be able to take care of the babies once the come in to this world. Shouldn’t we go back to the basics, shouldn’t we just focus on being healthy inside and out?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we need to understand that so we don’t keep on punishing ourselves needlessly. Reach inside and pull that beautiful smile, that kind word, the heartfelt “I love you”. That will give you a better outlook in life and will make others appreciate you more. Even better, that will make others appreciate you for what you are, not for what you can buy.

This week we will be talking body image, how does it affect us and how distorted it is. It promises to be an interesting chat, please come along and join us, we’ll love to hear your opinion and experience in the matter. Empowering women, that is what we are all about

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