Janet Nestor

Janet was a delight, I always have a fabulous time talking to her. She is clear and concise, and has a great sense of janetnestorhumor.

Janet shared with us deep experiences, brought us back to her world and let us know how easy it is to have hope, to see beyond the everyday realities and sorrows. She shared some intense experiences that can bring light and hope to many of us. She saw her uncle looking for his family after passing, and she has had contact with beings of other worlds for years. She is bringing light in to what many of us may have considered darkness; she is full of energy and love.

Janet was able to convey in plain English what it is that mediumshiip and channeling is for her, making it clear and easy. Letting us know that it is not an exclusive gift, but a human gift that may need to be cultivated in the garden of the soul, achievable to anyone that has the inclination, discipline and desire to do so. Of course, some are born with a more defined gift, but all of us, as per Janet’s words, can see the light and feel the love. We can all get in touch with our higher self and see what awaits us.

I am fascinated by the idea of a channeled book, the Book of Joshua. Once the book publishes, Janet will be sharing with us intimate experiences with higher beings, and the messages that they have for us. I can’t wait till it goes out in to the book selves

Over all, I think it was a fantastic interview, I will have her in the show again. I you missed on Tuesday, it is always easy to catch up, just follow the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/08/20/channeling-and-channelers

To reach Janet, for information on her upcoming book or just to chat and ask her opinion you may go to Twitter https://twitter.com/JanetNestor

Face Book https://www.facebook.com/janet.nestor?fref=ts

Or visit her page at http://mindfulpathways.com/

She will love hearing from you


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