Author Shondreka Palmer

Great show as the season opener
I had a really good time conversing with Shondreka. Her style is so fresh and young, shondher conversation so enthusiastic.
Shondreka’s fluid conversation, carried me on, bringing me to the point of motivation. She sounded like she was having a good time, and that made the idea of getting in shape a lot more appealing than ever before. She makes it sound doable and easy
What a way to get in shape! She finds her motivation on getting the energy to do all the good things she want to do in life. Having a baby is not the end of having a healthy, shapely body, is the start of a new lifestyle. The idea of bringing your routine in to your life, as walks, hikes and weekend outings, and sharing healthy meals with her child are brilliant. No more excuses. The gym is great, but if there is not time, there are dumbbells in the basement. I love the idea of bringing your routine to your everyday life. Brilliant
As life gets busier, we have to accommodate, but not necessarily leave out what is good for us. When we get organized, we can have time for it all; exercise and healthy diet, entertainment and time for friends is all part of life, and we can make time for all of it. We just have to become better jugglers of time, better planners.
If anything could motivate us to be healthier should be the wish to keep up with our children, and to want to live a longer life, so we see them grown and with children of their own.
Shondrea inspired me to make time for the good things in life. I am already a healthy eater and I exercise regularly, but her philosophy is not only an eye opener for our body’s health, but for health in general To remember that we can find time for everything, and we can get motivation out of unexpected sources.

If you like to get in contact with Shondreka you can reach her at In Facebook in Twitter
and you can review and buy her books at in Amazon


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