Healers of the New Age

As today’s society is changing so is the way we see our lives, our expectations and needs. We have janetnestorcome a long way as humans, no that we have evolved greatly since the time of the first Homo sapiens was identified, or have we? Homo sapiens reached anatomical modernity 200,000 years ago, erect posture, opposable thumb, complex brains and societies, and we reached social modernity at about 50,000 years ago. Since then we have gone through many trail and error times, testing and implementing, failing and succeeding, or what they system thinks that is succeeding. Times of change may not be the best for the individual, but it is good for the survival of the species.

We, as a race and as a society keep on evolving at a real fast pace, adapting to the changes in the world, most of which we, ourselves create.

At some points in history revolutions have brought advancement and progress, but in most cases something had to be sacrificed. In nature, and in our sheltered society as well, in order for something new to arise, something else has to be destroyed. And by that principle we run our society. Instead of evolving through the principle of keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t, we have been living in a cycle of being right and building and being wrong and destroying. As a society we have been Nature centered, and although men could not understand the world around them, they cherished and used respectfully for their advancement, learning the ways of nature, adapting to it and growing with it. Later on, and mostly in the Western society,  the world and culture became Theo centered, times in which humans “forgot” all knowledge regarding nature and healing, giving all the power of free will up, trusting in god and only god to run their lives, with nothing that humans could do to change their destiny other than to adore god. This times were followed by the industrial revolutions, a time in which science took over, bringing us an understanding of the physical world as we see it, as we touch it, but not as how we feel it. God started to have a secondary place in human life. Science gave humans a sense of security, as the understanding of how and why things work started to surface. Eventually science and mechanical inventions made human life more comfortable, easier to negotiate.  But is doesn’t stop there. We are now getting to the stage in which we can merge Natural/inspired knowledge with industrial advancement and technological information sharing. We can put it all to work with us. It seems to be a perfect time to integrate all of them and make best use of the resources

We have healers that find their information and training through Internet sites and attend webbased, training programs; they heal with herbs and energy, consulting with their clients in a Skype virtual meeting. Healing has never known frontiers; it can travel with energy and love to the person next to you as well as to a person living in the other side of the planet or a forming star in the edge of the Universe.  With this New Technology people in need and healers can get in touch more readily, still using the ethers to be the healing medium.

This technology has also allowed for healers to adopt and combine different therapies and disciplines, making their practices more varied being able to access a wider range of public needs. Having access to other cultures, other peoples has always been enriching. Right now we have that access deep, ancient knowledge, as the world grows smaller and smaller with each keystroke.

This past week I had the chance to experience just that, a social network connection turned in to a healing. I was feeling miserable, and in fact, I had been in bed for a whole day, and I knew it could be a few more days before I was back on my feet. I got in contact with a fantastic woman that I met in twitter, thanks to the new technology and social developments, Janet Nestor, an incredible energy healer as well as a professional counselor and a very compassionate woman. She offered help and I accepted. I felt relieved within a few hours of our conversation, out of bed and completely refreshed the next morning. What is even more, Janet was able to point out the emotional cause of my illness, which is directly related to my path of growth right now.

Janet is a perfect example of the modern healer. She is educated and conscientious, trained and proficient in several healing techniques and uses the Internet to do some of her work and outreaching.

Because I found her to be a gifted healer as well as a very modern an adapted professional I invited Janet to give us further understanding of her art and the many ways that she uses her gift to help and guide others towards health and balance.

Please join us this Tuesday March 11 at 8PM PST (11PM EST) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/becausewomenareamazing/2014/03/12/a-clean-approach-to-a-toxic-world


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