Healing with Alice McCall

Very informative, really entertaining, deeply healing; that s what this past Tuesday’s show was. It DSCN0624- went from realization to deeper understanding, passing through, heightened awareness and deep direction all through the program.

Alice brought us a new understanding of health and well being, not just looking inside, spiritually, but to the point where our body meets our soul, the cellular level, cellular memory and dynamics.

Alice talked about how we keep negative thoughts, experiences, beliefs and memories in our cells at an energetic/biological level, how cells can keep toxins and unhealthy believes alike, one being the precursor of the other, how our bodies, being energy, get affected by the energy of trauma. Events that we could consider done and over with may resurface days, months and even years later; Alice proposes that these issues may even be originated in the womb or in past lives and get to affect us right here, right now.

We heard Alice, and her testimony is incredible, really hopeful and enlightened. But is it also too good to be true? How is it that getting rid of traumas and even fears can make us happier, healthier? Visit Alice’s page and you will see how many testimonials she has collected, people ravish and rage regarding her care and their results http://healingpath.info/testimonials.htm If that is what people have to say about their experience, it certainly sounds like an option to me.

On top of personal testimony ad experience, we can look at it from a more scientific angle; more and more scientist are talking about matter really being energy, our world being just a perception of energy that vibrates on our same frequency, how at a quantum level we are just a group of particles acting in regards to the energy vibrating within us and around us, including other people, animals, the trees and even starts and the entire Universe.

There are a lot of questions and it looks like we are getting more answers, through faith and thought spirituality, but through science as well; we are finding how holistic believes and scientific data is getting closer by the minute, the actual facts and results speaking for themselves.

I loved the fact that Alice gave us some tools to use in order to start out healing. A grievance journal to record and forgive all grievances in our lives, letting go of pain, of rancor and fear, bringing in love and hope, joy! Alice has done even more than that,  she has written a book in which she gives us more tools, more clues and in many instances,  just hope hope. http://Wellnesswisdomhealing.com




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