Grounding With Flowers

It was a very informative show, making us all look inside and revisit what we do for ourselves, truly. DSCN0143How often do we look at the tools that we use to help us distress? Do we consider how important it is to keep an eye in our stress level and how to de-stress?

Alx brought up some very important issues: we go through a lot of stress in a daily basis, and most of what we do to get rid of it is not sufficient. We need to get rid of the stress but also the residual energy that keeps on circulating our body after the stressor is gone. Changing subjects and locations help, but we also need to connect our bodies to a ground to release the energy accumulated.

Grounding help us detach from pain and anxiety, bring feelings of safety and content.  By grounding appropriately we can help our body heal and have a better chance to live longer.

There are many ways of grounding, but Alx’s technique is the best that I have heard of in a while. The fact that it combines simplicity with beauty really called my attention and I tried it myself that same night.  I went outside and got myself a camellia blossom –I know it is late in the year, but I live in California and we are having a glorious Fall- As Alx commented, I could have done with some leaves or a handful of dirt, but the flower seem romantic and beautiful at the time, so I went with that.

Once that I was back at home I got myself alone in a quiet room, low lights and I held the flower with both hands and I looked at it. I centered on giving thanks for such beautiful flower, and the bush that grows it. I was grateful for being alive in such a beautiful world, thanks to Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. Right at that time I felt that I was starting to decharge and I acknowledged it by saying it aloud, “I am decharging now” I stayed grateful and centering in the flower for approximately 15 minutes. It was a great experience. After I was done, I felt relaxed and happy, and I had one of the best night’s sleep I have had in many months. It really was a powerful experience.

I recommend to anybody that is having trouble with stress or anxiety to try this technique. Some may think that it is too simple to work. I just feel that part of its beauty lays in its simplicity. Try it for yourself and let me know, maybe we can bring Alx again for more advice and pointers.

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