The Land of The Brave

We had a great wrap up show for the IRP6 case series. Yolanda is a magnificent woman; you can hear the W
dignity on her voice. She was poised and to the point, sure of what she was saying, safe and measured in her words.

Yolanda talked about her son and her husband with such self-assurance, such self-control. You could hear in the back of her voice, like an after taste, that she is hurt, but you didn’t hear her say it. You could feel that there are sleepless nights in her eyes, worrying about her family, her husband, her son Kyle’s health and emotional wellbeing, but she kept her composure through the whole interview, just pointing out her situation; but mostly talking about her husband, her son and her faith in God that all this ordeal will be over one day, that they will be together and happy one day, not too far from now. She was really vocal, and very intent on letting us all know that her son is a normal young man, with interests and activities proper of his age. He just has a trouble with seizures, an issue quite common with growing boys, which is usually outgrown by the time they reach adulthood. Unfortunately, in Kyle’s case, he had a terrible stressor starting at the age of 14, when his father started being unjustly investigated. That issue, together with the normal worries and stresses associated with growing up, have made the situation stretch till the present day, as Kyle is prone to have seizures circa his visitations to his father. It seems to be totally unfair that he looses his father when he needs him the most; it is a bad place to be for a young man. At a time where he should be learning to be a man from his father, he is dreading the time that he can spend with him. The stress caused by having to see him in prison is too much for Kyle to be able to stand with a calm spirit, his joy spoiled by a sickness that has been refueled by his family’s present situation. What a shame, a young man suffering emotionally, psychologically, and physically in such a way, and to such intensity that his body is rebelling and loosing control over the situation. Kyle is calm apparently, always with a smile on his face, but somehow his stress comes out and manifests itself as seizures.

As with the other cases, we were left with a bittersweet taste in our mouths. We are impressed with these women’s fortitude and with these children resilience, but is all this pain really necessary? All this trouble could be relieved with a case review, with a second look at the evidence and a fair trial, in which all information is transparent and clear procedures. Would it make more sense to straighten out this terrible mess?

All this has been hard to report, but very rewarding; an injustice after another; women left behind, children suffering and abandoned. A system that is failing us all, not just the families involved in the IRP6 case. These children are the future of this country and these women are the mentors that educate them. When we allow injustice to prevail in a society we allow for corruption and ultimately we allow for degradation and shame.

Are we to stand quiet when the future of this country is compromised? We have heard terrible stories these past episodes, we have grinded our teeth, grieved and cried with these women, but what I felt the most is a sense of loss. A sense that we are loosing our humanity when we allow for injustice to go on; when we allow women and children to suffer needlessly; when we look at the pain of others with indifference. Are we really the land of the brave?

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