Children of Grief

Tuesday will be our final show for the IRP6 case series, and for the wrap up show we have a very special DSCN1228guest, Yolanda Walker. Yolanda, just like the other wives, is putting all her efforts in having their husbands’ freed and their names cleared. She is a stay home mum. She cares for their son Kyle who is suffering from seizures since a very young age and that in itself is a full time job, very stressful and with a lot of responsibility. Caring for a child with seizures is  best done with the help of a partner or other care taker, as the watch has to go on 24 hours a day, there is not really a moment of rest and let down. She is not able to take brakes on the care, it is all on her for now. Yolanda has been doing it all through the past year and a half, it is all her responsibility for now.

Kyle has always been very attached to his parents and had never spent a night away from them until his father, Gary went to prison; he misses his father tremendously.

Kyle has been having a really hard time since the whole problem with the IRP6 case started, he is a very sensitive child and the tension and stress of the situation have made his seizures a lot more intense and a lot more frequent; his health and emotional state are very affected by the ordeal; it is a really bad situation.

And even though Gary is a good father and he is involved in the family life as much as he can, making decisions with Yolanda and giving Kyle the special love that he needs, he is not there to give the child the time and support that he needs. Yolanda has to cope with it all. The family life, the special needs and attention, the errands and visits to Gary. She is doing all she can, she tries to be a father and a mother to Kyle, setting example and caring for him, but it is frustrating to see her son suffering so much, most of all because is not fair. It is not fair that he doesn’t have his father at home with him to reassure him and help him with his troubles.

Yolanda is a woman of few words, but she will be telling us what it has been like to take care of it all, what her feelings are and how she deals with it.

Please join us in welcoming Yolanda Walker. Tune in Tuesday October 1st at 8 PM PST or call  (347) 637-3317 Get there early, as queue is limited and bring your inquires with you, we will be taking questions from the chat and the phone lines.

To read more about this week’s show please visit Danica’s blog


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