And We Got Enlightened

It was a great show, with lots of information and incredible insights revealed by a very witty DSCN0747woman. She started from the beginning and continued opening doors, she was there, humble, honest, shining in her own right. Alx shared with us incredibly sensitive, intimate moments of her life and her training.  Strong beautiful woman walking her path, she enlightened us all.

And we learned about love, and we learned about forgiveness, she told us about the Mother in the world and through the ages, how the masculine has been dominant for centuries; how the feminine is surging with terrible birthing pains. It all makes tremendous sense when Alx explains it. It is a lot like life itself: Eventually we will have a balance, masculine and feminine as a whole, entering an age of blissfulness, finding our completeness once and for all.

She not only shared her wisdom and philosophy, but had a chance, and took it, to give practical advice. I believe that that defines her; she puts a walk to her talk. No only she shared how to make peace with one’s mother, as we all need to do, she also shares her wealth of soul and gifts with those less fortunate. Alx is a highly spiritual woman that walks with the shoes of us all.

Wrapping up we realized that one show was not enough time. We could have stayed with Alx, talking for days, just like chatting with a very wise old friend. Always deep and meaningful, with intention in every line, she was able to captivate our attention, constantly having something new to say. I felt that we may have to do it more often, and for sure we will do it again

You can reach Alx and her beautiful project Universal Church of Baba;s Kitchen at and you can read her thoughts in a blog that we didn’t have a chance to share, but it is worth visiting

If you care to visit her in twitter her user name is @alxindia and her FB page is full of interesting insights.

Next week we will be talking about what it takes to start a new business, the joys, the pains and everything in between. LaDonna has been in our mind for a while, and now she does the honor to come in to our show and help us understand what it takes to be a woman entrepreneur in the world we live in. We hope you join us once again.


One Response to And We Got Enlightened

  1. Brad Keimach says:

    How fortunate I am to have known this for nearly 3 years! Alx is that wise, clear, compassionate, entertaining, generous, practical, heartful, visionary woman you heard—and so very much more! Please do have her back again and again! The rewards and gifts are endless!

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