Depression, a Modern World Epidemic

Depression is such a common ailment and so misunderstood. Most of us, at some point in our lives, will feel the nieblariscossepang of desolation, of frustration, that we feel, has not solution.

Some times the trigger can be sadness or loss, stress and anxiety about future events for which we don’t see an easy outcome. Still sometimes the feeling of desperation and deep sorrow comes apparently from nowhere. Feelings of desperation and powerlessness hit us in the face, when it appears that everything is all right.

Scientists tell us that depression maybe caused by chemical imbalances, that there has to be no specific reason to feel the blues. But I think that it may be a combination of many things. I think that anxiety about the future, shame and guilt about the past, and boredom about a present may have a lot to do with it; a present that we don’t understand and that we don’t know how to live in. The feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem can easily be traced to what we, as social individuals, are told that we need to accomplish. Being the beautiful woman, the strong man, indefatigable mother, good girl and model citizen. We strive for perfection when we are human, we set goals so high that we can ‘t reach. Once we realize that we can’t achieve as much as we set out to do, that we have good and bad days, and some awful ones, we set in to defeat and despair. Sometimes we don’t understand that life’s ups and downs are part of the normal cycle of our existence, that some days we win and some days we loose. It is in human nature.

We go through times in which we feel that the world is ours and that we can do anything, nothing will fade out bliss, we are all powerful and mighty. And then we are down again.

Feeling at loss and incapable of having a perfect life makes it hard for many. Living constantly exposed to other’s experiences we feel inadequate, failing to understand that the exposed part of others is either momentary or fake, we all cover up something. We believe that everyone is living better than us, more fulfilling lives that we do, and we start declining in to despair. Our moods change, and we start seeing ourselves falling in to a deep hole, incapable of lifting ourselves up. Here is where I think that our chemistry changes. We keep on telling our brain and our body that we are not good enough, that we are set for failure and the chemistry in our body changes. The brain and the organs are hearing us and will follow our directions, whether we are aware of it or not.

The options to treat this disease are many. Western medicine offers antidepressants and talk therapy, which in some cases may help, mostly as a way of controlling the worst part of it, the scariest symptoms. But for the most part, I believe that a change of attitude and of way of looking at things is the key to all this. Do the therapy and do the drugs if you feel that they will help you, but most of all, get a new hobby, retrain your brain to think positively and bring activity in to your life to bring self-esteem and confidence back in to your days.

Self-love is key to our existence. When we love ourselves we strive for better and bigger things, and we have more time and love for others.

After going through hell, name it depression, people tend to be more aware, more compassionate and loving of others. And this, I believe, has a lot to do with the fact that most everyone that overcomes depression has been able to bring a big dose of self-respect, self-awareness and self-love in to their lives.

Find what brings spark in to your life, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, sports, a healthy diet, a new image. Whatever it takes is worth it, work for a bright new day.


The Ultimate Agony

What takes someone to want to commit suicide? Many of us have had hard times in life, and have felt at the end of the rope. But it is human nature to want to believe, to have hope and trust that tomorrow, or even, the day after DSCN0109smtomorrow, will be a better day. We spend our lives hoping that a better time arrives and that we will be rid of all our problems, well, at least a few of them. And we strive and work at making it better.

A few choose to end it all, to take action and end the pain.

Is the pain too much to handle? Are there any other factors that influence the decision?

Nobody ends their life willingly when they are happy and fulfilled. In most instances, the pain has been felt and endured for a long time, too long. There has been despair and depression, whether their loved ones can see it or not. At times the depression goes undetected and the suicide attempt, whether successful or not, comes as a surprise to those that surround the victim.

I call it victim, as I think that anybody that attempts against his or her own life is a victim. Victim of the circumstances, problems or even themselves; suffering so deeply that they feel their only hope is to end their life, and therefore the pain. Some find the attempt futile, as in this society suicide has been stigmatized to the point that those that end their life, or attempt to, are chastised and shun. If successful, they are believed to end up suffering eternally at the mercy of a God that condemns attempting against one’s life. People that attempt suicide are condemned by society and, many think, will be condemned by their God. No way out, really. By leaving the stage, your pain and condemnation will be further still.

In order to make the decision to take their own lives, they have to suffer enough that nothing, not even eternal damnation is enough to stop them. That sounds like a very deep pain if you ask me.

What happens when one commits suicide? We don’t know what happens to them if they succeed, as we have not a clue of what goes on in the other life. Why are we so quick to judge them then? And what happens to those that attempt it and fail? Staying alive can be considered a failure in this case as not only the person is not able to fulfill their wishes; they have a whole society to let them know what a terrible kind of person they are. So many contradictions and pain, so much fear; punishing those in pain, beating the fallen.

We are so afraid of sadness and more so of loosing our own lives that we loose respect for other’s pain, for their decisions and privacy.

And after all, what are we discussing when we discuss suicide? Are we talking about the consequences or the problem? The problem is depression and despair, that disease that nobody talks about, almost as stigmatized as suicide itself. Nobody wants to admit that it is a real sickness, so much so that we joke about it all the time, we use the term lightly and we ignore those that are going through it: “Cheer up! Would you?”

At the end depressed people have lost a will to live, a reputation and, are faced with a dead end.

To help us understand what can drive an human being to suicide, and what are the challenges of the survivors, I have invited Michelle, a suicide survivor, that takes life lightly in her concern for others. Please Join us Tuesday September 9th at 8 PM PST for a night of insights and awareness

Janet Nestor

Janet was a delight, I always have a fabulous time talking to her. She is clear and concise, and has a great sense of janetnestorhumor.

Janet shared with us deep experiences, brought us back to her world and let us know how easy it is to have hope, to see beyond the everyday realities and sorrows. She shared some intense experiences that can bring light and hope to many of us. She saw her uncle looking for his family after passing, and she has had contact with beings of other worlds for years. She is bringing light in to what many of us may have considered darkness; she is full of energy and love.

Janet was able to convey in plain English what it is that mediumshiip and channeling is for her, making it clear and easy. Letting us know that it is not an exclusive gift, but a human gift that may need to be cultivated in the garden of the soul, achievable to anyone that has the inclination, discipline and desire to do so. Of course, some are born with a more defined gift, but all of us, as per Janet’s words, can see the light and feel the love. We can all get in touch with our higher self and see what awaits us.

I am fascinated by the idea of a channeled book, the Book of Joshua. Once the book publishes, Janet will be sharing with us intimate experiences with higher beings, and the messages that they have for us. I can’t wait till it goes out in to the book selves

Over all, I think it was a fantastic interview, I will have her in the show again. I you missed on Tuesday, it is always easy to catch up, just follow the link

To reach Janet, for information on her upcoming book or just to chat and ask her opinion you may go to Twitter

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Or visit her page at

She will love hearing from you

Channeling and Channelers

For thousands of years we have been submerged in physical, intellectual and emotional evolution. We came down DSCN0057smfrom the trees, walked on two feet, got opposing thumbs and invented fire. As time passed we gathered and hunted, formed tribes and villages, tamed animal, planted seeds, learned to enjoy painting and music and adored Gods. This was done over and over again, spiraling outwards and upwards, learning more, splitting the world around us, learning all there was to learn about nature the space and our bodies. Suddenly we realized that we got it all wrong and back to the drawing board, postulating new theories, learning more, looking at things from different angles.

It is getting to the point that so much manipulations, investigation, theorization and exploitation is taking a toll in the world and our spirits. We see in plain view what is going on with our lives and environment and we still don’t stop. The spiral is going too fast and we don’t know how to stop it. We are arrogant and fascinated with our own existence, forgetting that existence is conditioned by the spirit that we nurture, and the environment we live in.

All through the ages we were blessed with brilliant souls that came in to this world to give us light, to show us a better way and guide us towards better, or at least alternative ways to look at reality, to develop our souls and interact with our environment. David showed is wisdom, and Buddha was patient. Jesus brought us the meaning of love and Mohamed the revolutionary sense of survival. We were enlightened by Michael Angelo’s vision, and surprised by Leonardo’s intellect. Gandhi taught us to fight without violence, and all of them indeed come to this world with the purpose to guide us away from our concerns and old fashion ways. They all came with the mission to make a better world through the evolution of the spirit.

We are living interesting times to say the least. Human race is evolving, as all the beings and stars in the Universe do, but this time around is beyond our comprehension. Prophets are not prosecuted and executed any longer; more people are seeing the light. We are experiencing a movement of energies, and many of us are going along with it

We are seeing crystal children being born with the memories of past lives, indigos with incredible gifts and even adults, which have already gone through most of their time allowed in this world, are finding hidden or suppressed gifts that allow them to have a clearer perspective, a connection with other worlds and other beings.

Mediums, channels, psychics, curanderas, magus, and other gifted peoples of the earth are spreading and coming out of the woodwork. We are finding that gifts are abundant in our society and people are becoming wiser and bolder, showing and even flaunting their capabilities, to guide and inspire the neighbor, to heal the world.

We are experiencing an undercurrent that is uniting us all. We are finding more people searching for answers and many of them finding them. Partly due to the rampant sister/brotherhood reigning in the world right now.

Of course, there are still skeptics, and as percentages go, we can even tell that they are still the majority, but the number of visionaries are growing, Those not in the move are curious about the movement. It seems that what was started thousands of years ago by generous fellow humans that gave up their reputation and even their lives, is paying of now. A pay of that we can all benefit from. People want to love more and laugh together. We are getting a sense of community that goes beyond the village. We are becoming a worldwide village

Out of all of today’s gifted and developing souls, channels somehow have a prime spot in our minds. Channels are able to relax their minds to the point that they can receive the wisdom and love that surges from the collective energy of those that are alive and that were alive at any point in history, as well as from the Universe and the stars and from discarnate beings that are here to guide us.

To help us understand better what channels are and what they do I have invite Janet Nestor to the Show. Janet is a healer and coach and has worked for many years as a counselor. Janet is an experienced Medium and Channel and will have a lot to tell us regarding this way of perception.

Please join us Tuesday August 19th at 8 PM PST

Author Shondreka Palmer

Great show as the season opener
I had a really good time conversing with Shondreka. Her style is so fresh and young, shondher conversation so enthusiastic.
Shondreka’s fluid conversation, carried me on, bringing me to the point of motivation. She sounded like she was having a good time, and that made the idea of getting in shape a lot more appealing than ever before. She makes it sound doable and easy
What a way to get in shape! She finds her motivation on getting the energy to do all the good things she want to do in life. Having a baby is not the end of having a healthy, shapely body, is the start of a new lifestyle. The idea of bringing your routine in to your life, as walks, hikes and weekend outings, and sharing healthy meals with her child are brilliant. No more excuses. The gym is great, but if there is not time, there are dumbbells in the basement. I love the idea of bringing your routine to your everyday life. Brilliant
As life gets busier, we have to accommodate, but not necessarily leave out what is good for us. When we get organized, we can have time for it all; exercise and healthy diet, entertainment and time for friends is all part of life, and we can make time for all of it. We just have to become better jugglers of time, better planners.
If anything could motivate us to be healthier should be the wish to keep up with our children, and to want to live a longer life, so we see them grown and with children of their own.
Shondrea inspired me to make time for the good things in life. I am already a healthy eater and I exercise regularly, but her philosophy is not only an eye opener for our body’s health, but for health in general To remember that we can find time for everything, and we can get motivation out of unexpected sources.

If you like to get in contact with Shondreka you can reach her at In Facebook in Twitter
and you can review and buy her books at in Amazon

Keeping a Youthful Body

We all want to be in shape, mostly when we are young and our main goal is to attract a suitable mate. We shondwant to put out best face forward. So we get the best clothes and put on make up, we feel pretty. It is easy when we are young, when our hormones are stable, before having children and a mortgage that takes our time and peace of mind.

A toned body is easy to achieve when we are young, our body is fresh and new, we don’t need to worry so much about what we eat or how many crunches we do. But as time goes by things start changing. Our body is not so young and it takes a lot more to keep it in shape. We have children and our hormonal make up changes, gravity is starting to have an effect on our tummy and our minds. It seems like the shapely body goes almost as fast as the pimples, and although we don’t miss the blemishes, we miss the buns of steel.

With time, our priorities start to change, and we consider that we are putting down roots, we are more concerned with making a living and settling down, paying the bills and having a comfortable home. We work hard towards keeping our children healthy and safe.

As our lives evolve and we mature we consider looks as secondary, as something that we used to have and value, but that are not important any more.

We have heard that as we grow old and have children we will get a belly and flabby thighs. We believe that as time goes by our skin will not be as radiant and our hair will loose luster, and we start to believe that it is the way life is. Once we start having an adult life we will not look like a teenager any longer, the hips will get wider and the butt will sag.

Although it doesn’t have to be that way, with all this self-talk we are probably lying to ourselves, convincing ourselves that that is the only way. But in reality, we are just trying to cope with what we have been told that is inevitable. We don’t want to be disappointed, so we just go with the flow. It is permissible for a mother to forgo her looks. But is it really?

For one, we still like to look our best. No matter how old we are or whatever else is going on in our lives, we still have some vanity left on us. It is no so much that looking good is the most important thing in the world, as it used to be when we were younger, but a certain pride in our looks, a drive to appear attractive, for our partner or prospective suitors, if we happen to be single at the time.

Being attractive is not something for when we are 18 and have all the time in the world to fuss about our appearance. In fact, being in shape and attractive is a lot more than cute clothes, makeup and looking good. I believe that being attractive is all about being healthy and happy; whatever size we maybe, a toned body is a healthy body, and that is beautiful.

We should be aware that what makes a body and skin attractive is health. When we have a good muscle tone and glowing skin, we are showing the world that we are healthy. And after all is said and done, that should be our ultimate goal.

Keeping a healthy diet and sensible exercise goes a long way. Through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle we can aspire to better quality of life and possibly a longer time in this world. But it seems that everyday obligations get in our way of getting a vigorous body. Where do we find time to cook healthy meals and go to the gym?

It is really not that easy, but we can do it. It is just a matter of priorities, and understanding why we do it.

Shondreka Palmer will join us this week to give us an insight of how she got her body in shape after her first child. Shondreka is a published author and single mother that have achieved her dream. She is mom and dad to her son, keeps a busy life and still have time to dedicate to her health, making sure that she lives a healthy and long life and has the strength to raise her child properly. She was so successful on her lifestyle change that she decided to write a second book. She shares with all of us her routines and diet, laying out in a simple but thorough manner her exercise and meal plan. Easy to follow and to understand, Shondreka gives us a step by step guide to success.

Please join us this Tuesday at 8 PM PST for tips on keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind


A new season of Because Women are Amazing is starting, come and celebrate with us.

The Best of Both Worlds

DSCN0096I really enjoy Janet’s calm, it is contagious; I could feel myself being taken by her words, and really enchanted by her voice. Brilliant woman, enough drive and concern to keep her practice alive and available to her clients, to keep on educating herself, documenting a research that is ever present; and all that covered with passion for human life and respect for nature, empathy and foresight.

You can say that Janet does a good job at healing, as she accomplishes what she intends to do; but her empathy and compassion take her healings a step further. Janet lives her work. She takes the extra step, digs deeper, finds and implements another discipline; whatever it takes to acquire a different perspective, a different angle, until a way to tackle the issue at hand is found. She digs deeper even when relief is found; she keeps on searching until cause arises.

The fact that Janet is a licensed counselor gives her a different angle, an understanding of the human psyche and its troubles from a clinical perspective that she integrates seamlessly with nature and source, spirit; she becomes a bridge between the material/empirical and spiritual worlds in more ways than one.

Janet strives on bringing together new techniques to old arts, experience and postulates. Brilliant ideas come from innovation and Janet is paving the way. She is in the cutting edge of Energy Healing, Energy psychology, a revolutionary way of looking at health from cell health and energy as the building blocks of all that constitute us. As above so bellow, we are only the sum of the health of our cells and what they store in them, nutrients or toxins, calm and well being or anxiety or fear.

Chakras and meridians are cleared, nutrition is balanced, all is forgiven; perfect balance of body mind and spirit energies.

Janet has a healing practice, both local and over the internet, as she does remote healing and skype consultation, but she also shares her knowledge and tips for a healthy happy living on her books, Pathways to Wholeness: Walking Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Bio-Energetic Healing and Spiritual Development and Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self-Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook, both great reads and very helpful.

You can get reach Janet through her webpage

where you can find information about her practice, experience, availability and books.

She is also in FaceBook

and Twitter @JanetNestor

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